Linda Card

Linda Card

Often Seen In: Chiriqui Province, Republic of Panama
Profession: Editor, Writer, Spanish Teacher; formerly worked with elderly adults as a Medical Social Worker
Reports on: Personal Diversification, Travel, Culture

Summary: Linda is pursuing her second career in editing and writing. Her natural gift for language was enhanced by her study of Linguistics at Georgetown University. She is passionate about music and the importance of studying foreign languages, especially learning and teaching Spanish.

Fun fact: Linda realized her lifelong dream of being a rock star chick singer when she lived in Guatemala and performed with the Sweet River Band.

More about Linda Card:

After spending 15 years as a back-to-the-land'er in rural Missouri, Linda moved to Florida and bought a sailboat. She enjoyed living aboard at a marina (waterfront property at its best) in SW Florida while working in health care and becoming an experienced sailor. Late in 2004 she and her husband sailed away from the U.S., and eventually docked in Guatemala. This was their home base for the next few years as they explored Central America. With her cruising days behind her, Linda enjoys learning about her new home, Panama, and engaging in the discussion about diversification.