International Man Reader Survey Results

Recently, International Man conducted a survey of its readers. It wasn’t a complicated one and, in fact, asked only for readers’ views on what IM means to them, good or bad.

This proved valuable, as readers were able to say anything they wanted about whether we were providing them with data and insight that was of value to them.

Surveys typically attract criticism and we welcomed that, as it provides us with insight into the areas where we might not be doing as good a job as we would like. The negative comments were fewer in number than we expected. Additionally, they seemed to fall into just three categories. Here they are:

You Don’t Know What You’re Talking About

  • Writers aren’t knowledgeable in foreign affairs.

Whether the respondent is correct or not, this was the only comment received in this vein.

Your Recommendations to Those Internationalizing Are Unaffordable

  • Let’s face it, I don’t have the means or the expertise to go buy land in Cyprus right now, regardless of whether or not I pay for your report.
  • I’m not convinced that many of the recommendations are totally realistic, unless one has a lot of money.
  • You forget about the average, working man who does not have an 8-digit net worth.

We expect to receive comments such as this from time to time, as, truth be told, internationalization, no matter how basic, does have a cost. As a reminder to readers who struggle with this aspect of internationalization, we would suggest that not internationalizing may prove far more costly.

That said, there are a number of low-cost international diversification solutions that you can do from your own home, such as owning some gold offshore in Singapore and other safe jurisdictions. There is no account opening minimum, and you can start to own precious metals offshore with as little as a couple hundred dollars. See here for more.

With regards to Crisis Investing in Cyprus, we’d like to point out that the report was mainly focused on buying deeply discounted Cypriot stocks—something that can be done from your living room, with no account opening minimums or trading minimums. With all our publications, we aim to mix those opportunities you can do from your home with a handful of more aggressive options for those who really want to sink their teeth into it. Investing in Cypriot stocks would fall into the former category, while investing in Cypriot real estate would obviously fall into the latter category.

I Don’t Like Your Message

  • While it is interesting to read, everything is bad or forecast to be bad, all the time.
  • While I enjoy some of the viewpoints you express, your reports are too alarmist and anti-American.
  • Repetitive, focused on the USA subscriber.
  • It is far too US-Centric.

These, we confess, are true. In order to recommend solutions, we must first look the problems squarely in the eye. This is not always pleasant.

As to the comments on the US, we regularly remind readers that, while much of our commentary refers additionally to countries other than the US, the US is unquestionably “criticism central.” We see this as unavoidable, as the US is presently the reigning empire of the world. Additionally, in many ways, (particularly regarding worldwide capital controls and the formation of a police state), the US far exceeds negative developments elsewhere.

It’s also worth mentioning that in the vast majority of cases, while the focus may be on the US, the underlying lesson is applicable to anyone. The need to diversify political risk through internationalization is universal and prudent for anyone in the world.

And that largely covers the negative comments received.

The positive comments covered quite a lot more ground. By far, the greatest number of responses received dealt with the content of IM articles.

International Man Provides Me with Meaningful Insight

  • Very honest, user friendly, aware, and committed to helping others wake up.
  • We align (mostly) in our philosophies. You are among my extended eyes and ears that keep me aware of things happening around me—things I really care about.
  • The latest, most accurate info on global living and internationalizing one’s life.
  • Always well written, succinct, and engaging.
  • I get info from you (all) that I don’t get from most other places—and it’s a different perspective, so I get a better picture of reality. Reality is not available from regular media.
  • Your publication is direct, professional, and of substance to advise potential ex-pats.
  • It expresses, elaborates, and explains the concerns I have had for years, offers intelligent and useful analysis and actionable advice.
  • I find the research and perspectives you share to be an excellent way to obtain information that I do not otherwise get. You challenge my top of mind and habitual thinking, and this helps me be more in touch with my own values and make more conscious choices.
  • International Man gives you a stream of fresh ideas outside the daily mantra of the powers that be.

These comments are quite varied but reflect our primary goal: to provide insight to others on making the most of their personal freedom and financial opportunity around the world.


  • Your information seems to be very well researched and accurate.
  • Content is clear, with a good balance of broad explanations and focused facts.
  • The advice you are giving here could not be more timely and truthful.
  • I have already lost one country (Cuba) too many and am fully aware of where the same group of Internationalists are taking us but did not have much information as to how and where to survive our sinking ship.
  • You offer comprehensive and high-quality information.
  • I don’t know if you’re always right or not, but I do believe you are legitimate and not “available” to any special interests who might pay for a favorable review.
  • Factual info and viewpoint unhampered by political correctness.
  • Please do not change your content. I think it’s spot-on.

Every article is scrutinized by a proofreader for accuracy. Occasionally, a very good article is not published, if accuracy cannot be confirmed.

Information Not Available Elsewhere

  • You provide information that is not readily available from other sources.
  • IM is the only decent source of advice on internationalizing and appropriate investment strategies.
  • You highlight areas missed by all mainstream media, and it is so important to gather a strong knowledge on events you may not be aware of.

This is a sampling of many comments that all said essentially the same thing.

You’re Helping Me to Internationalize

  • I can see myself making some life-changing decisions in the near future based on a lot of the material.
  • International diversification is something I wanted to do for some time now. Your products will make that a reality.
  • Very good information regarding freedom and safety. I love reading it and have made some small steps toward internationalization.
  • It’s a bold, refreshing, courageous, thought-provoking and intellectually sound newsletter that I always finds refreshing to read. I intend one day live abroad, and our current Admin and this country’s fiscal and foreign policies are hastening my decision.
  • The IM information is the only source I’ve found to provide a strong foundation for choosing international alternatives. Just have to come to terms to take that “Leap of Faith!”

Of course, this is the goal: internationalization to preserve wealth and freedom.  

Expanding the Conversation

  • I have forwarded your daily letter on many occasions over the years.

We received many comments advising us that readers forward IM articles to friends and associates. Thank you for that. It helps create more exposure to these critically important subjects.

Doug Casey

  • Anything from Doug Casey is well worth passing on to everyone possible, to help educate them on the basis of real truth.
  • Doug’s perspective is based on successful international investing and travel experience.
  • Worth every penny. You could not learn this in college.
  • I’m not aware of anyone better. I’ve been a fan of Doug since purchasing his original internationalization book [The International Man]. Your topics are well selected and suitably detailed, yet clear and well researched.

We received quite a few comments on IM founder and Casey Research chairman, Doug Casey. Not surprisingly, readers continue to comment on their faith in Doug and Casey Research, as they have for decades.


  • It keeps me aware of what else is available outside of the US prison.
  • For the fights you’re fighting on behalf of everybody: you are heroes for me.
  • Hope you don’t mind, but I am actually an International Woman.

No, we don’t mind in the least. More power to you!

Last comment

  • The articles you place in your publication are mostly of vital interest to anyone who does not have his head in the sand. The writing is well done and to the point, without feeling like you have been subjected to undue pressure. You leave the decisions to the reader. I look forward to receiving your publications.               

This final comment is particularly gratifying, as we at International Man go to great lengths to provide whatever insights and information we can to potentially benefit readers. We then consciously leave the conclusions up to the reader.

The concept of internationalization is, by its very nature, contrarian thinking. It makes the assumption that the individual should decide for himself where he should live and invest. As such, our task is to provide ideas for consideration and then allow him to draw his own conclusions as to how to direct his future.

We thank all readers who responded to our survey. They will influence the choice of topics that we research in the future.

If you have not already, you may wish to check out the free International Man Communiqué, to keep up with the latest on the best international diversification strategies. There is also a veritable treasure trove of intelligence in our Free Guides and Resources section.


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