Is American Socialism Already Here?

“Given enough time our disaffected working class will choose socialism.”

So mused one of your fellow International Man readers. (More below in today’s mailbag.)

“I can't blame them either,” the reader continued, “clearly what we have now is not working for them.”

We posed the question in yesterday’s communiqué, when we began dissecting the collectivist parasitoid.

“Is socialism on the rise in America?” we wondered out loud, “Or has the rot already set in?”

We didn’t have to wait long for the answer…

“We are already under the guise of political correctness and the welfare state,” wrote another reader.

Observing the rising political stars of Comrades-in-Arms Sanders and Ocasio-Cortez, it appears as though “enough time” might already have passed.

But is the outlook really that bleak, Dear Reader? Or is this all overblown, doomsday nonsense? Write in and let us know what you think, here.

Before we dive back into the collectivist abyss, below, we invite you to listen in on a rather upbeat conversation we had recently with Mikkel Thorup of the most excellent Expat Money Show podcast. (Lest we be accused of incurable pessimism.)

Your muddle-headed editor was actually late for the interview, having confused the date and time, but Mr. Thorup was generous and forgiving enough to hear us out anyway.

In this conversation, we discuss a few of the international lifestyle “how-tos” as well as some of the many real world lessons to be had along the journey.

Listen along here…

Joel Bowman for International Man


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