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The Naked Emperor, Cryptocurrencies, and the War on Cash

At some point it’s gonna be curtains for all these worthless little pieces of paper governments around the world have forced people to use as money.

The Gold-Backed Crypto Revolution

In a world dominated by constantly depreciating government fiat currencies, gold-backed digital currencies are a convenient way for ordinary people to protect their wealth.

Cyprus, Crisis and Cryptos – Lessons from the Sea of Debt

Bitcoin flourishes in times of dire uncertainty. Indeed, it was forged in the crucible of the 2008 financial crisis.

Cryptocurrency’s “Second Renaissance”

Bitcoin lets you escape the matrix… the financial prison that governments have erected with fiat currencies, central banks, and privacy-killing regulations serving as the bars on the door. It’s like a Swiss bank account in your pocket.

The Art of Disruption

The Art of Disruption – The Augmented Reality Oil Paintings of Trevor Jones. Cryptocurrency and Beyond.

Does Bitcoin Need The Government?

Cryptos are in a secular bull market that will last at least another ten to twenty years. Even now we are still at the very beginning. You don’t depend on anyone else for the safekeeping of your funds. You are the bank.

Free Market Monies – Liberty’s Answer to Fiat

It’s a very good thing that coins in the crypto world must sink or swim based on their own merits, that there is no “lender of last resort” on standby to bail them out if they misbehave.

Was Bitcoin Manipulated?

At first blush, Wall Street Journal technology writer Andy Kessler makes a compelling case for why bitcoin’s 2017 meteoric 1,368% rise was not “real.” In an article published on Sunday, July 1, Kessler cites a University of Texas study that argues manipulation was behind half of bitcoin’s 2017 move upwards. The study pins the blame […]

The War on Cash and the Future of Cryptocurrencies

At some point, every heavily indebted government uses it. It’s inevitable. And no entity on the planet is more indebted than the US government…

Why Fear in the Crypto Market Is Overblown

I think it’s an overreaction to assume that all governments want to destroy the crypto asset market…”

The Crypto Crash Is Temporary—Here’s the One Reason Why

It’s not too late to profit from cryptocurrencies…

Teeka Tiwari: The Biggest Event in Bitcoin’s History Will Happen in 2018

Cryptocurrencies delivered huge gains in 2017. But here’s why this year’s bull run could be even bigger…

Why This Crypto Bull Market Is Far From Over

This is an incredible opportunity for normal investors to get in before the smart money on Wall Street.

The Truth Behind the Crypto Mania

This will be your safest way to profit from the blockchain revolution.

Doug Casey on the New Fed Chair

“The new Fed Chair will open a monetary hydrant, at least if he doesn’t want to be hung from a lamppost by his heels.”

This Bill Will Remove the No. 1 Obstacle to Owning Bitcoin

This law could create a whole new class of cryptocurrency millionaires. And it’s set to go into effect by the end of this year.

Follow This Strategy to Rip Profits From the Crypto Boom

Here’s why Bitcoin could hit $25,000 in three years… or go even higher…

Doug Casey: How I Learned to Love Bitcoin, Part II

I suspect future versions of Bitcoin, or Bitcoin 2.0, will be easily redeemable in gold grams…

Doug Casey: How I Learned to Love Bitcoin, Part I

I am concerned about the market, which is very bubbly. But I think it’s going much higher, for several reasons…

My Wife Thinks I’m Cheating…

I can’t blame her for being anxious. She’s barely seen me since early June…

The Smart Way to Play the Crypto Mania

Here’s how you’ll have a shot at some truly phenomenal returns.

We Could See 26 Million New Bitcoin Investors by the End of 2017

Institutional money is about to start pouring in, and that’s very bullish bitcoin…

How to Make Money in Bitcoin (Without Owning Bitcoin)

The entire process took less than 10 minutes…

99% of Crypto Investors Don’t Even Know This Opportunity Exists

A new way to make money off bitcoin for the adventurous traveler…

China Just Handed Us a Bitcoin Buying Opportunity

“The lesson from the internet is, anything that China bans, invest in it.”

This “Misunderstood” Tech Is Making Some Investors Rich

I don’t want you to miss today’s opportunity before it slips away…

The Ultimate 4-Step “Freedom Insurance” Plan

Concrete steps you can take today to safeguard your freedom.

Three Faces of Bitcoin

Yes, a coin cannot have three faces but, again, bitcoin is not really a coin.

What to Do When Government Money Goes Bad

If you can’t trust government money, what can you trust?

Now That the Bitcoin “War” Is Over, Expect Even More Gains

This may be your last chance to get in on this “win-win” deal…

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