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Doug Casey on Why Having a US Passport Is No Longer an Advantage

In recent years, record numbers of Americans are renouncing their citizenship…

Cyprus, Crisis and Cryptos – Lessons from the Sea of Debt

Bitcoin flourishes in times of dire uncertainty. Indeed, it was forged in the crucible of the 2008 financial crisis.

Capital Punishment

Any government that succeeds in controlling the monetary transactions of the individual can then control the individual.

Shutting Off the Money Tap

Over time, both wealth in general and the control over it will move inexorably into the hands of the banks and the political leaders. As this unfolds, we shall see numerous trial balloons, such as this one by HSBC and others. (The Cyprus bail-in was a similar but more successful trial balloon.)

What Currency Controls Mean for You

For every door that closes, another opens. As the First World slides further into depression, we can expect that many smaller countries will provide expanding opportunities.

Inflation: Robbing You Since the 10th Century

Critically important lessons on inflation from Argentina and revolutionary France.

You Shouldn’t Have to Relearn the Lessons of Cyprus in Spain

What is the significance of the IMF now endorsing as a fact that Spain is insolvent when it was easily discernable for some time?  It may be a signal that “emergency measures” are becoming more imminent.

Doug Casey on Internationalizing Your Cash

The time-tested way to protect what’s rightfully yours is becoming increasingly difficult, but more urgent than ever.

Doug Casey on Internationalizing Your Assets

Revealed: The biggest threat to your wealth – and how to protect yourself from it.

Doug Casey on Second Passports

The original “International Man” reveals the ultimate asset protection plan.

Another Warning Sign – NY Times Columnist Favors Capital Controls

There should be no doubt that when the US government decides to implement capital controls or other restrictive measures, they will likely have the near-total support of the media and by extension the majority of the people.

The Top 4 Lessons of the Cyprus Debacle You Shouldn’t Have to Re-learn

The events in Cyprus have given us an opportunity to re-learn some valuable lessons.

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