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During decline, throughout history, a series of policies is invariably undertaken to save those in government. These policies are always at the expense of the populace.

Cyprus, The First Domino?

The fact that the tipping point began in Cyprus, rather than, say, Greece or Spain, is incidental. Of all the dominos slated for demolition, it is unimportant which country was the first to set the dynamite charge at its foundation. The end result will be contagion, as all other options have, predictably, failed.

The Top 4 Lessons of the Cyprus Debacle You Shouldn’t Have to Re-learn

The events in Cyprus have given us an opportunity to re-learn some valuable lessons.

A ‘Boots on the Ground’ Perspective in Cyprus

Geoff is a Canadian expat who is retired and lives in Cyprus. He shares with us what is happening on the ground there and how he decided to make the Mediterranean island his home.

The EU Robs the Bank In Cyprus – Coming to the USA Too?

The people of Cyprus had a very crude awakening to the issue of political risk on Saturday morning when they discovered their government and a bunch of EU bureaucrats conspired in secret to rob their savings accounts. It should serve as a wake up call for us all.

Jeff Thomas Responds: Questions on Gold Ownership

The following questions have been received from our readers, in response to the Jeff Thomas article, “The Sheering of the Sheeple”. These particular questions have been selected for response, as they reflect concerns that are common to many of our readers.

The Shearing of the Sheeple

If the sheep are to be sheared, they must first be penned in so that they cannot escape. In the US, several states have either passed laws or are in the process of drafting laws to record the sales of precious metals.

Readers Respond

International Man receives many comments from readers, both by email and in the comments area of an article. As one might expect, some support the argument made in the piece and other (sometimes vehemently) disagree. This is particularly true with one of our most consistent authors, Jeff Thomas. Today, Jeff addresses some of the notes received on past articles…

Congressmen Discuss Gold Confiscation

Will the US government confiscate the gold held by its citizenry at some point, as they did in 1933? Will other countries, particularly the EU countries, follow suit? This subject is a particularly thorny one.