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Doug Casey on the New Crypto Bull Market… And What He’s Doing to Profit

Cryptos have great utility in many areas besides use as money. Right now only about 25 million out of the 7 billion people in the world currently use them. They’re going to get much bigger in the developed world, but even bigger in the Third World.

The Next Crypto Bull Market Is Here… Here’s How Doug Casey Picks the Big Winners

We’ve seen a cycle of parabolic gains and then 80% crashes numerous times in crypto’s short history. What does this volatility mean for speculators?

The Next Crypto Bull Market Is Coming… Here’s How to Profit

Thanks to constant interruptions by smartphones and multitasking, our attention spans are getting shorter all the time.

The “Intrinsic Value” Myth

Have we been looking for value in all the wrong places?

“Crypto, Meet Gold”

Doug Casey and Rick Rule on sound money and the ultimate marriage between technology and traditional.

“Gold, Meet Crypto”

Doug Casey and Rick Rule talk about the most important thing to happen in the gold market in decades.

The Naked Emperor, Cryptocurrencies, and the War on Cash

At some point it’s gonna be curtains for all these worthless little pieces of paper governments around the world have forced people to use as money.

The Gold-Backed Crypto Revolution

In a world dominated by constantly depreciating government fiat currencies, gold-backed digital currencies are a convenient way for ordinary people to protect their wealth.

Cyprus, Crisis and Cryptos – Lessons from the Sea of Debt

Bitcoin flourishes in times of dire uncertainty. Indeed, it was forged in the crucible of the 2008 financial crisis.

The Art of Disruption

The Art of Disruption – The Augmented Reality Oil Paintings of Trevor Jones. Cryptocurrency and Beyond.

Does Bitcoin Need The Government?

Cryptos are in a secular bull market that will last at least another ten to twenty years. Even now we are still at the very beginning. You don’t depend on anyone else for the safekeeping of your funds. You are the bank.