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Bitcoin Is About to Soar, But You Must Act by August 1 to Get In

Our bet is that the entire cryptocurrency ecosystem could soar 10 times from here.

This Event Could Be Bitcoin’s “Mainstream Moment”

Bitcoin’s use is set to explode… and it could make you a fortune.

They Killed Bitcoin 129 Times; Each Time, It Came Back Even Stronger

This is why bitcoin will continue to grow in value…

Your Newest, Most Powerful Tool of Subversion

Here’s how to back against the government’s disturbing power grab…

The Blockchain Is About to Disrupt This $7 Trillion Industry

Here’s the simplest way to get exposure to the exploding blockchain bull market…

How I Made $500k From One “Asymmetric Bet”

It seems that a marvelous bubble is building up in this area. Here’s how to take advantage of it…

Meet “Bitcoin Jesus”

He took $25,000 and bought 25,000 bitcoins at $1. At the peak of the market, those coins were worth $30 million.

These New Digital “Shares” Are Turning Pennies Into Millions

Just $100 invested in bitcoin when it was trading at one penny is worth $7.5 million today.

Follow This Cycle to Profit on the Next $90 Billion Tech Trend

It could soon be a critical tool in your international diversification toolkit.. and it could also make you a fortune.

This Game-Changing Technology Is About to Explode

It could soon be a critical tool in your international diversification toolkit… and it could also make you a fortune.

Not Just for the Rich—How, Where, and Why to Diversify

You don’t necessarily need to leave your home country to achieve international diversification. You can do a lot of things from your living room.

Offshore Jurisdiction Review: Bermuda

A tax haven with an almost squeaky clean reputation, Bermuda plays a pivotal role in tax planning.

How to Ensure Nobody Can Pull the Plug on Your Digital Life or Online Business

An often overlooked ingredient of international diversification is spreading your digital presence across multiple friendly jurisdictions. This will help you secure your privacy and ensure that no government can pull the plug on your digital life.

What E-Residency in Estonia Is, and How to Get It

When you look at everything that Estonia offers—a reputable EU jurisdiction that uses the euro; the most competitive tax system in the OECD; a business-friendly and tech-savvy atmosphere that opens its doors to productive foreigners—planting an offshore flag there can make a lot of sense.

Are Fake Cell Towers Intercepting Your Calls?

Can you protect your digital data from the ever-encroaching government?

Three Things to Consider When Offshoring Your Email

When properly executed, an international email service can be a reasonable bulwark against those that would invade your privacy. It all depends on proper implementation and execution, however.

The Biggest Lesson from Microsoft’s Recent Battle with the US Government

A court ruling involving Microsoft’s offshore data storage offers an instructive lesson on the long reach of the US government—and what you can do to mitigate this political risk.

Asset Protection for Your Digital Assets: Offshore Cloud Storage

Offshore cloud storage can help you to diversify your digital assets.

The Best Offshore Web Hosting Services

Web hosting is a key aspect of any global business today. Hosting in the right location can be just as important as choosing an offshore jurisdiction for incorporation or banking.

Why Turkey Was Planning a False Flag Operation in Syria

The Turkish government responded to the leaking of its senior officials plotting a false flag operation in Syria by throwing a childish fit, futilely trying to block YouTube and Twitter. Here’s how you can ensure that no government can pull the plug on your digital life.

Internationalizing Your Website’s Server

You can obtain political diversification benefits for yourself and your business by spreading your digital presence across multiple friendly jurisdictions. One of the most important parts of doing that is internationalizing your website’s server.

Internationalizing the Internet

By internationalizing domains, services, and all other digital footprints, businesses and private citizens can better protect themselves from unreasonable searches and seizures.

Privacy in the Face of NSA Abuse

Real world privacy is perhaps more valuable today than ever before.

FATCA: A Tool of the Electronic Surveillance State

In light of sweeping revelations about the email, telephone, and internet surveillance activities of the NSA, it’s time to take a look at FATCA’s implications for personal electronic privacy and the growing power of the US intelligence agencies’ global surveillance state.

Lavabit: The Latest Dead Canary in the Privacy Coal Mine

Thanks to Edward Snowden, we now know that the US has traveled much further down the road of becoming a complete Orwellian surveillance state than even many had initially feared.

Digital Diversification: How to Do It

Keeping your digital presence under the jurisdiction of only one unfriendly country, such as the US, is not prudent strategy.  

How to Safely Internationalize your Domain Name

In the same manner in which you can offshore your business incorporation or your financial accounts, you can also internationalize your domain names. And it’s easy.

How to Use Bitcoin Anonymously

Paul shows us how Bitcoin can be useful for the International Man and offers a guide on how to use them in the most anonymous way possible.

NSA Scandal Shows Importance of Offshoring Your Digital Presence

An often overlooked ingredient of internationalization is spreading your digital presence across multiple friendly jurisdictions and out of intrusive ones – like the United States.

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