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Voting With Your Feet

Voting with your feet is a crucially important indicator of what is really going on, regarding the political economy.

Doug Casey on Why Finding a Bolthole is More Important Than Ever

Today, political risks around the world are growing rapidly.

The Price of Freedom Comes Down

There have been repeated attempts to stop the islands from providing CBIs, but they have repeatedly failed.

Doug Casey on Why Having a US Passport Is No Longer an Advantage

In recent years, record numbers of Americans are renouncing their citizenship…

On Becoming a Permanent Tourist, a Perpetual Traveler, and a Prior Taxpayer

Most people wait until their problems become imminent before making alternative plans…

Prioritizing Your Exit Plan

More and more, such people are deciding to seek greener pastures elsewhere in the world.

Pressing the Escape Key

The “Escape” key works only if it has been programmed in advance.

Why This New Economic Citizenship Option is Crucial for Freedom Seekers

In recent years, the opportunities for citizenship by investment (CBI) have grown considerably.

The Best Way to Protect Yourself From Out-of-Control Governments

International diversification frees you from absolute dependence on any one country. Achieve that freedom, and it becomes very difficult for any group of bureaucrats to control you.