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Smart Money Divorces Dumb

The U.S. government is the largest player in the financial markets.

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During decline, throughout history, a series of policies is invariably undertaken to save those in government. These policies are always at the expense of the populace.

What if Venezuelan Hyperinflation Came to the US?

Mike Maloney thinks that hyperinflation is a distinct possibility in the US. So when I read about the runaway inflation rates in Venezuela, I wondered how that would play out in the US if he’s right.

The Final Blowout Sale

Increasingly, both Europeans and North Americans whom I meet are expressing their concern that the social structure of their countries appears to be breaking down.

If It Gets Bad, I’ll Go to Idaho

The odds that “I’ll just go to Idaho” might be a workable solution to a crisis, would be unlikely in the extreme.

How Inflation Destroys Civilization

Yesterday I told you about the unstoppable trend towards more socialism in the US. I think inflation is the primary factor driving this trend. Americans feel squeezed because the cost of rent, medical insurance, and tuition, as well as other basic living expenses, is rising much faster than their wages. This creates very real problems […]

The Trouble With a $5 Coke

Fight for $15! This was the rallying cry of what eventually became the largest fast-food strike in US history. It all started in late 2012, when over 100 New York City fast-food workers walked off their jobs, demanding higher wages. Many made minimum wage. They were struggling to make ends meet as rent, utilities, medical […]

The Coming of the Roman Tax Collectors

The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire has been written about many times over the last two millennia, most notably in Edward Gibbon’s six-volume set of books of the same name. However, one significant aspect to the decline began in the fourth century that has received little attention from those who have written on […]

Police State in Slo-Mo

We’re witnessing a loss of freedom in slo-mo… and the end product is always the same.

Bitcoin Is the New “Crisis Currency”

When two federal agents showed up to harass suspected arms trafficker Phil Zimmerman, Phil was out of his element. He wasn’t your usual gun runner. He wasn’t linked to any cartels, spies, or other shady characters. But he had written a bit of computer code that the US government considered a weapon. In the early […]

The Cycle of Freedom

There is a freedom cycle, and it has to play itself out.

Doug Casey on Why He Lives in Uruguay

If you can afford it, you want to have comfortable digs in several places around the world.

Ike Was Right!

“No president, no matter how good his intentions, can stop it.”


“Most of us tend not to regard taxation as theft, yet, that’s exactly what it is.”

The New “Crisis Currency”

“Bitcoin has many of the same attributes that makes gold a crisis currency.”

Inflation: Your Role as a Milk Cow

“By understanding inflation, the odds of living your life as a milk cow can be greatly diminished.”

Doug Casey on the Crisis in Argentina

“No government should be in the money business… especially Argentina, which has about the worst track record of any government.”

These Amps Go Up to Eleven

“When the brokers and television pundits say that stocks are headed to the moon—that’s the moment to remember ‘there’s no eleven,’ and sell.”

The Depression Playbook

“Although we can’t project a precise trigger date for the bubble to burst, it most certainly will—as do all bubbles.”

The Long Death of America’s Middle Class

The American middle class is dying. But there are four time-tested strategies that can lead to lasting wealth.

Investing in Collapse

“Declining nations follow the same pattern, time and time again, over the centuries.”

How to Calculate the End of the World

“But the most likely threat comes from neither rising water, nor war, nor zombie apocalypse. Instead, the main risk is financial.”

The Great Oz

“It might be best to recognize that government, in its entirety, is the problem—not whoever happens to be playing the role of the Great Oz.”


Today, the world at large sees the US as the aggressor—not as a defender of democracy.

Future Currency—Gold and Silver?

As long as Americans accept worthless bank notes as currency, the government can print as much as it likes.

Doug Casey on the Demise of Nation States, Part II

“There’s absolutely nothing that the government does that entrepreneurs couldn’t do better and cheaper.”

Doug Casey on the Demise of Nation States

“I suspect that the U.S. won’t exist one hundred years from now.”

The Inevitability of Snollygosters

“The snollygosters have been a chronic dominant presence in governments for millennia.”

The End of the Debt-As-Currency Era

We’re now living in the era of the greatest level of debt mankind has ever created.”

Doug Casey on the Coming Comfortable Dystopia, Part 2

“It makes me want to spend more time in a backward country where this sort of thing isn’t happening as quickly.”

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