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All That’s Missing Is a Black Swan

Any one of a dozen or so events could send the U.S. economy into a complete tailspin.

Trump’s Gold Standard

The only way President Trump can fight back against the globalist and their one world currency project.

This Is How the “Everything Bubble” Will End

If history is any guide, this next downturn is going to be a doozy. Here’s how to survive the crash.

“The Federals Are Coming!”

Had Paul Revere been around in 1913, he might well have wished to get on his horse to warn the people that the Federals were coming. Only this time, it wasn’t the Federal troops, it was the Federal Reserve.

Cyprus, Crisis and Cryptos – Lessons from the Sea of Debt

Bitcoin flourishes in times of dire uncertainty. Indeed, it was forged in the crucible of the 2008 financial crisis.

Is Argentina in America’s Future?

Never before has so much fake money created so much fake prosperity and faked out so many people.

Smart Money Divorces Dumb

The U.S. government is the largest player in the financial markets.

A Whimper and a Bang

In a Whimper, prices go down, money disappears, and the economy goes into depression. After that, our guess is that the Whimper will be followed by a Bang.

MAGA: Mission Accomplished?

Maybe Mr. Trump is smarter, more dynamic, or just luckier… Possibly. But the gods lay traps for those who think they are… and laugh at them later.

How Inflation Destroys Civilization

Yesterday I told you about the unstoppable trend towards more socialism in the US. I think inflation is the primary factor driving this trend. Americans feel squeezed because the cost of rent, medical insurance, and tuition, as well as other basic living expenses, is rising much faster than their wages. This creates very real problems […]

Doug Casey’s Current View of the World

Legendary speculator Doug Casey explains the difference between a national government and a nation’s economy, why the latter cannot be trusted with the former, and his perspective on today’s markets.

Understanding the Federal Reserve

Looking at the title, the reader may conclude that he has begun to read an article that he might better save until he has a holiday weekend in which to read it. And there can be no doubt that volumes could be written describing the Fed and its inner-workings.

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