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Doug Casey on What Could Happen if China Restricts the Supply of These Obscure Metals

China, which dominates REE production, recently suggested it could restrict supplies to the US.

Doug Casey on What Happens Next for China—Collapse or War with the US?

While many have been distracted by the unrest in the US, tensions with China are soaring.

The Top Banana

For several decades, the US reigned as the top banana…

Doug Casey on What the Elites at Davos Are Really Up To

Davos is an “invitation only” event for the “elite.” It’s basically a love fest for the international ruling class.

David Stockman on How the Deep State Really Works

The big issue in the world today is war and peace, and we’re facing a campaign in 2020 where it won’t even be mentioned…

China’s Secret Weapon That Could Swing the Trade War

Rising tension between the US and China is a trend you can bet on, regardless of what happens in the trade war.

David Stockman on War with Iran, Oil, and the 2020 Election

What role will foreign policy play in the 2020 presidential election?

Those Who Seek to Rule

Every great empire that has ever existed has eventually collapsed. Invariably, the pattern is the same…

The Real Reason the Deep State Hates Russia… And What it Means for Gold

For years, the Deep State in the US—the permanently entrenched bureaucracy that runs the show no matter which party is in power—has labelled Russia “public enemy number one.”

False Flag Time

For many years, I’ve held the belief that, when World War III was brought on, it would most likely be in the Strait of Hormuz.

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