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Red Gold: China’s Stealth Plan to Use Gold for World Domination

Russia and China are preparing for the world where the dollar is no longer the reserve currency.

The Best Way to Invest in the Coming Gold Boom

The recent breakout in the price of gold is just the beginning…

Like So Much Mulberry Bark

Over time, every fiat currency ever created has failed and always for the same reason…

Tax Loss Season: What Does the Broken Clock Setup Look Like?

Christmas often comes early for small-cap investors…

The Next Takeout Targets in Gold

There have been close to $6 billion in gold buyouts the last month.

How Inflation, Prudence, and Fundamentals Are Setting Up Gold to Soar

The real reasons metals, including gold, have to go higher…

Oil’s Crisis Spikes and the Impact on the Gold Price

Let’s investigate why the spot price of gold yawned at the biggest ever attack on a major producing oil field.

Doug Casey on How to Profit from the Most Politically Incorrect Industry

More than any other area, mining, and gold mining in particular, is driven by fear and greed.

China’s Golden Corridor – Gold Reserves and Negative Yield

Just so far this year, the Chinese have acquired 2.7 million ounces (92.5 tons) of gold.

Doug Casey on a Rare Opportunity in the Most Cyclical of All Markets

All financial markets rotate. They’re all cyclical. But commodities are by far the most cyclical of all markets.

What NIRP, Rising China Tensions, and “AK-47 Nations” Are Signalling Right Now

In a Negative Interest Rate Policy (NIRP) world, the traditional rules have changed.

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