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Doug Casey on the Crisis “Medicare for All” Will Cause

What type of care can Americans expect to receive in a single-player system?

Federal Hemp Bill Will Make This Niche Industry Surge

The US federal government classifies marijuana as a Schedule I drug. Heroin and LSD are in the same category. That’s ridiculous.

On the Ground in Paraguay (Part 2)

Last week Mark Svoboda introduced us to Paraguay, his latest stop on a search to find his next Shangri-La. Today Mark talks about the transportation and medical care one can expect in this sleepy South American country, as well as potential downsides and residency options.

On the Ground in Colombia (Part 2)

Last week Mark Svoboda introduced us to Colombia, a country he toured last year as part of the search for his next perfect homeland. Today Mark continues with his comments on the country, including lifestyle in Bogotá and Medellín, transportation, as well as the most common concern for Colombia: safety.