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Federal Hemp Bill Will Make This Niche Industry Surge

The US federal government classifies marijuana as a Schedule I drug. Heroin and LSD are in the same category. That’s ridiculous.

Internationalize to Escape Obamacare

I fully expect that Obamacare will push Americans to look for ways to internationalize their healthcare options.

International Health Insurance (Part 2)

In Part One of this report on International Health Insurance options, we explored local vs. worldwide coverage. Today we’ll examine three additional options for coverage of medical treatment: Medevac Services, Catastrophic Coverage and Medical Tourism.

International Health Insurance (Part 1)

Everyone wants to have good but inexpensive access to medical care. In the US that certainly doesn’t seem possible, but what about in other countries? Wherever you live, or even if you are a perpetual traveler, you don’t have to go without insurance. There are options, as Linda Card examines today.