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Offshore Jurisdiction Review: Gibraltar

Gibraltar, or “The Rock,” as it’s affectionately called is a unique jurisdiction because of its limited EU membership coupled with a long tradition of being an offshore financial center.

Offshore Jurisdiction Review: Isle of Man

Tucked between the islands of Britain and Ireland in the middle of the Irish Sea, this little island has a lot to offer the international financial sector.

Offshore Jurisdiction Review: The Bahamas

The Bahamas is a true veteran in the offshore financial services sector.

Offshore Jurisdiction Review: Saint Kitts and Nevis

Saint Kitts and Nevis is known for its LLCs, foundations, and most notably for its economic citizenship program.

Offshore Jurisdiction Review: British Virgin Islands

The BVI is the grandfather of international business companies or IBCs, a type of offshore company.

Offshore Jurisdiction Review: Bermuda

A tax haven with an almost squeaky clean reputation, Bermuda plays a pivotal role in tax planning.

Offshore Jurisdiction Review: Bahrain

Bahrain is a lesser-known offshore banking jurisdiction.

Offshore Jurisdiction Review—Anguilla

Anguilla competes for the claim of best offshore LLC jurisdiction.

What E-Residency in Estonia Is, and How to Get It

When you look at everything that Estonia offers—a reputable EU jurisdiction that uses the euro; the most competitive tax system in the OECD; a business-friendly and tech-savvy atmosphere that opens its doors to productive foreigners—planting an offshore flag there can make a lot of sense.

Offshore Jurisdiction Review: Switzerland

Switzerland has long been and still is the world’s top offshore banking jurisdiction.

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Obama’s Failed Approach to Corporate Inversions

It galls me to hear demagogic politicians like Obama make absurd statements about “unpatriotic” corporations that redomicile overseas, when the problem is entirely the result of bad policy that penalizes US-domiciled firms trying to compete in global markets.

Offshore Jurisdiction Review: Singapore

Singapore is a financially sound country with a very business-friendly climate. It’s one of the best offshore banking jurisdictions in the world.

Offshore Jurisdiction Review—Labuan

If you’re a serious entrepreneur and looking to form a tax efficient company, Labuan might be the place for you… especially if you trade across Asia.

Offshore Jurisdiction Review: Vanuatu

Vanuatu might have something to offer in terms of offshore company formation, offshore banking, or lifestyle choices for the right people after extremely careful consideration.

The Uniqueness of the Cayman Islands

While there are a number of low-tax countries around the world, the Cayman Islands stick out because of its distinct history and culture that is vehemently opposed to direct taxation.

The Real Deal About Nominees for Offshore Companies

Is there really any benefit to using nominee directors or shareholders with an offshore company?

Offshore Jurisdiction Review: Macau

Macau has an edge over Hong Kong in terms of taxation and lower cost of living, but life there is not as glamorous.

Offshore Companies

An offshore LLC can be designed to be very unfriendly to your potential future lawsuit creditors, even more so than an LLC formed in the US. An additional plus is that while many banks, mutual funds, insurance companies, and other financial institutions shun business from individual Americans, many of the shunners will welcome business from a non-US LLC even if it is American owned.

Offshore Jurisdiction Review: Hong Kong

Forming an offshore company in Hong Kong is probably the easiest way to get a low or zero-tax private limited company in a reputable jurisdiction.

Offshore Jurisdiction Review: Samoa

Samoa is one of the most versatile jurisdictions in the world to form an offshore company.

Offshore Jurisdiction Review: Mauritius

Owing to its long history of agriculture, freedom, and democracy, Mauritius has developed into a stable and attractive offshore jurisdiction with some truly unique features.

9 Offshore Jurisdictions You Probably Haven’t Heard About

A brief overview of nine relatively lesser-known offshore jurisdictions.

Offshore Jurisdiction Review: Malta

This tranquil, bilingual Mediterranean island nation has a lot to offer those looking to internationalize.

Latvia: a Luxembourg for the Poor

Latvia is set to transform itself into an offshore jurisdiction due to favorable developments.

How an Online Business Can Help You Internationalize

Operating an online business abroad allows you to earn a level of income that is similar to what you could earn in your home country while potentially avoiding many regulations.

Offshore Jurisdiction Review – Brunei

Brunei is definitely worth taking a look at if you need an offshore company with strict privacy protection.

Offshore Merchant Accounts and Ecommerce – Q&A

How an offshore merchant account can help your online business.

Give Your Bank Account (and Yourself) Diplomatic Immunity

Here you’ll find actionable advice you can start implementing today, including information on second passports and foreign real estate… moving your gold and IRA overseas… starting up an offshore LLC… investing in foreign annuities… and much, much more.

Your A-Z Guide on Internationalization

You probably already know something about the avalanche of new laws, taxes, and regulations that are in the works. They are a direct threat to your future prosperity.

How to Start an Offshore Company

An international consultant discusses how to open an offshore company and a summary of the best jurisdictions.

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