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David Stockman on War with Iran, Oil, and the 2020 Election

What role will foreign policy play in the 2020 presidential election?

Oil’s Crisis Spikes and the Impact on the Gold Price

Let’s investigate why the spot price of gold yawned at the biggest ever attack on a major producing oil field.

What NIRP, Rising China Tensions, and “AK-47 Nations” Are Signalling Right Now

In a Negative Interest Rate Policy (NIRP) world, the traditional rules have changed.

False Flag Time

For many years, I’ve held the belief that, when World War III was brought on, it would most likely be in the Strait of Hormuz.

Doug Casey on False Flags and Pretexts For the Next War

People who look outside the mainstream narrative of historical events often encounter the term “false flag” attack. What does this mean exactly?

Get Ready For The Third “Oil Shock”

Big Middle East wars are often catastrophic for global oil supplies. This makes sense. The Middle East accounts for more than 40% of global oil exports. So, a big conflict in the Middle East often triggers a big spike in the price of oil. Take the 1973 “oil shock,” for example. Oil prices suddenly spiked… […]

Doug Casey’s Current View of the World

Legendary speculator Doug Casey explains the difference between a national government and a nation’s economy, why the latter cannot be trusted with the former, and his perspective on today’s markets.