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The Next “Greece”

Like Greece, this jurisdiction will likely prove to be unapologetic and unrepentant in its demands for unending largesse from an already insolvent sponsor.

Not Just for the Rich—How, Where, and Why to Diversify

You don’t necessarily need to leave your home country to achieve international diversification. You can do a lot of things from your living room.

Debunking the Claim That Puerto Rico’s Tax Benefits Are “Hype” or “Too Good to Be True”

The purpose of today’s article is to drive a stake through the heart of these misconceptions and forever put them to rest.

What If Silicon Valley Moved to Puerto Rico?

The combination of the R&D, business, and personal tax benefits make Puerto Rico a far better option than Silicon Valley.

Puerto Rico as an Alternative to Renunciation

Puerto Rico’s tax incentives have created a new and unprecedented opportunity for US citizens, bringing a genuine alternative to renunciation.

Pocket Enormous Tax Savings in Puerto Rico…

I did it. I recently moved down to the Island of Enchantment with my family. But it wasn’t just the sunny skies, year-round warm weather, and beautiful ocean beaches that drew us to Puerto Rico; it was the incredible tax breaks that are not available anywhere else in the world.

Puerto Rico’s Act 20 and Act 22 Tax Incentives—the Best Haven for Americans

Puerto Rico may be the best option for Americans to reduce their tax burden at present.

Why I REALLY Moved to Puerto Rico, and You Should Too

Much fuss was made when we released a report outlining the incredible tax benefits of Act 20 and Act 22 in Puerto Rico.