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The Cardinal Sin of International Finance

One day soon, Americans will wake up to a new reality…

The End Is Nigh

A huge economic war between the US and China is just around the corner…

This “False Flag” in Syria Could Launch World War 3

As tensions between the US and Russia continue to escalate, the US is barreling full speed toward a major, unprecedented crisis.

When the Money Supply Dries Up

Countries fall from grace with remarkable speed.

“We Will Bury You”

It couldn’t possibly happen in the US… or could it?

A Voice in the Wilderness

Unfortunately most people have no idea what really happens when a government goes out of control, let alone how to prepare…

Sneaking Off with Russia’s Girlfriend

I doubt one in a hundred Americans have heard of her…

Viva la Revolución?

One man with a gun can control one hundred without one.

Has World War 3 Already Started?

The terrifying things Doug Casey and Nick Giambruno found out about Operation Anaconda 2016…

Playing Chess with Putin

You don’t have to be on the losing team in this high-stakes chess match.

The Most Important Geopolitical Trend of the Next Decade…Here’s How to Profit

Eurasian integration, and the US attempt to block it, will be the most important story for the next 10 years. There could be huge profits for investors who position themselves correctly ahead of this monumental trend.

The Next Empire

The last people to understand the collapse of an empire are those who live within it.

Jim Rogers on Opportunities in Russia and Other Hated Markets

Jim Rogers shows us that throughout history and around the world, the greatest investment and wealth-creation opportunities have been found in crises. Trouble is a marker for opportunity.

Ditching the Dollar

The ability of the world to ditch the dollar will be a major, major change in world economic balance… and a major step forward for world economic freedom.

Doug Casey on Russia and Russian Stocks

Sound reasons for intrepid investors to explore opportunities in Russia.

Akin to Porcupines Mating

Russia’s economic and geopolitical cooperation with China and other non-Western Eurasian powers means that whatever happens in the West, it has real and arguably more attractive alternatives.

A Former SWIFT Insider on Financial Warfare, the Fate of the Dollar, and Bitcoin

SWIFT is truly integral to the international financial system. It behooves you to appreciate how it works to better understand some of the big-picture trends in the world today.

Putin Saves French Actor From Tax Slavery With Russian Citizenship

You are technically a slave when 100% of the fruits of your labor is taxed or otherwise confiscated by force. For some people in France, it is dangerously approaching that threshold and causing them to renounce their citizenship. Gerard Depardieu is literally the concept of “capital flight” personified.

A Pure Play on a Russian Utility

Since the 2007 credit crisis, August has been a cruel month for Russian equities, delivering significant losses every year except 2009. This year, however, Russian stocks have slightly beaten the Emerging Markets (EM) in August, and extended their out performance into the first half of September as well.

To Russia, With Love

Today we’re happy to bring you another interview, this time with Russian-based Igor Yegorov. Igor will give us an insider’s view about government corruption, investment opportunities and life in Russia.