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An Empire Self-Destructs

Unfortunately, most people have no idea what really happens when an economy collapses, let alone how to prepare…

Catalonia and the Move Against Empires

Here’s why Catalonia’s vote to secede from Spain is great news.

Robbing Peter

In the latest example of bank deposit confiscation, Spain announced that it would impose a blanket taxation on all bank accounts.

You Shouldn’t Have to Relearn the Lessons of Cyprus in Spain

What is the significance of the IMF now endorsing as a fact that Spain is insolvent when it was easily discernable for some time?  It may be a signal that “emergency measures” are becoming more imminent.

Spain To Offer Permanent Residency To Foreign Real Estate Investors

As European governments become more desperate to find ways to attract wealth and investment to their nations – having squeezed their own citizenry dry (and illustrating exactly why those born into any seemingly prosperous nation should still diversify internationally, as when things turn bad they often do so quickly) – they are increasingly opening the doors to foreigners with a little extra cash.