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Save, Invest, Speculate, Trade or Gamble?

For some time, I’ve been saying that the economy is in the “eye of the storm” and that when it emerged, the weather would be far rougher than in 2008.

Doug Casey on How You Can Think and Act Like a Professional Speculator

There is no question that your biggest enemy in the markets is your own psychology.

Doug Casey on Why This is the Decade of the Speculator

It’s unfortunate, but in the next 10 years, everybody is going to be forced to be a speculator just in order to survive.

Doug Casey on Sh*thole Shopping

A contrarian investor has to ask: Is it time to go, as Donald Trump might phrase it, “sh*thole shopping”?

5 Tips for Starting Out as a Speculator

Contrary to popular opinion, speculating is not simply investing with more risk. In fact, even though the big wins can be (much) greater, successful speculation requires a serious commitment to discipline.

Money—How to Get It and Keep It

Doug Casey: If you want serious money, you have to get serious about money.