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Doug Casey on Robinhood, Hedge Funds, and Class Warfare

We seem to be entering a new paradigm in the financial markets.

Getting Out Before the Crash… 5 Secrets to Spot Market Tops

The signs that we could be near the top in the stock market and in the economy in general.

Doug Casey on the Rise of Day Trading and Why it Will Lead to Financial Disaster

There’s a shift from saving to spending, borrowing, and gambling.

David Stockman on the Mother of All Stock Market Manias

What we have is pure, unadulterated inflation of PE multiples…

David Stockman on How the Stock Market Got to be Out of Touch with Reality

Economic activity on main street is at a standstill. Yet, the stock market is in a mania.

What if America Tried Capitalism?

While Bernie, AOC and the rest clamor for socialism, what if America actually gave free markets a chance?

The Great Depression II

Leading up to the first Great Depression, those in the financial sector had become unusually creative. Sound familiar?