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Has Switzerland Really Caved to US Pressure?

Nick Giambruno speaks with Frank Suess about why Switzerland is still a top choice for internationalization and the implications of the latest financial information exchange deal with the US.

A Bad Week for Switzerland

The Wegelin case will serve as a sobering example to business owners around the world of the consequences that can occur if you do not comply with the onerous and costly regulations concerning American clients.

Tina Turner Dumps US Passport, Becomes Swiss

The most interesting part of this story is that she is not required to renounce, Switzerland and the US allow dual citizenship. It was her choice to renounce, and that choice has serious costs – but benefits that outweigh them.

A Yank in the Land of the Yodel (Part 2)

Last week, we began a conversation with Scott Schamber, an expat who left Wisconsin to establish a life in the mountainous land of Switzerland. Today, we’ll conclude the discussion with some remarks on who would be best suited for this Alpine environment, the biggest advantages the country can offer to would-be residents, and ending with some wise words of advice for would-be expats.

Do this before you move your money overseas

Over the past two weeks, we’ve been speaking with Frank Suess, CEO of the Swiss-based wealth planning and management firm, BFI Capital, as well as the leader of the increasingly popular gold storage program Global Gold. Let’s continue…

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