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David Stockman on How Trump Could Really Make US Industry Competitive Again

If Trump was serious about making the US industry competitive, what could he do?

China’s Secret Weapon That Could Swing the Trade War

Rising tension between the US and China is a trend you can bet on, regardless of what happens in the trade war.

Dinner in Hanoi

Those countries that have the most cost-effective production will always dominate world trade. In recent decades, China has been on a roll, becoming the largest trading nation in the world.

Why Trump Won’t Start a Real Trade War

The U.S. exports its inflation…exchanging its major export item – dollars – for cheap Chinese-made goods. This keeps the CPI from rising, which prevents the working stiffs from noticing they’re getting ripped off.

Tariffs—Reverse Gear in the Economic Transmission

The US government thinks tariffs will shift the economy into a higher gear. But they’ll actually shift it into reverse…