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The Sinking of the Lord Clive

Given the current political climate, it’s not hard to see how the “worst possible future” could quickly and easily become reality.

Shopping for a Country

Worry less about what state your country is in now; focus on where it will be in two years, in five years, in ten years.

9 Offshore Jurisdictions You Probably Haven’t Heard About

A brief overview of nine relatively lesser-known offshore jurisdictions.

What Currency Controls Mean for You

For every door that closes, another opens. As the First World slides further into depression, we can expect that many smaller countries will provide expanding opportunities.

Uruguay Or Chile: Which Is Right For You?

The pros and cons of Uruguay and Chile.

Take Steps Today To Say “Adieu” Tomorrow

Like individuals and businesses, countries are also at competition with one another to capture the constant migration of foreign capital and productive people. That’s why the U.S. offers generous tax breaks for foreign investors. And why most Caribbean islands don’t tax foreign income at all. And why Spain, Greece, and Latvia offer immediate residency to those who purchase a qualifying property.

Update from Uruguay – Argentina’s Economic Situation, A Problem Or Opportunity?

In this article we’ll take a quick look at the current economic landscape in Argentina and see why business and property owners in Uruguay are nervous, while investors with cash wait to see what opportunities will arise from Argentina’s next decennial default.

Update from Uruguay: The consequences of ending bank secrecy with Argentina

The Argentine boom/bust cycle is happening again, as it does nearly every decade. This time is no different, despite what Keynesian economists might say.

New Uruguay Tax Law to Attract Foreign Residents

Nearly two years after enacting tax laws that made certain foreign-source income taxable to all residents of Uruguay, the Uruguayan Government finally followed through on promises to provide tax relief for foreign residents in order to encourage their continued immigration into the country.

Where will the next fortunes be made on Latin American real estate?

Of all the Latin American countries, guest correspondent and on-the-ground investor Darren Kaiser believes one country stands out as the clear winner when it comes to real estate investment potential: Chile. Today, he shares how he came to this conclusion as well as his thoughts on other local jurisdictions.

Why The End of Uruguayan-Argentinian Bank Secrecy is Good News for Expats

Today we feature a good news, bad news kind of story. On April 23, Uruguay agreed to formally end bank secrecy with respect to Argentine tax investigations. For those Argentinians used to storing (often undeclared) capital in Uruguayan banks, that’s not welcome news. Not much better for Uruguay either – all the foreign capital that will flee to other, more private jurisdictions is virtually guaranteed to negatively affect the local economy. However, it could be great news for expats looking to spend time in Uruguay.

Dancing the Immigration Tango in Uruguay

As we’ve mentioned before, internationalization can be thought of as a buffet where you take what you want and leave what you don’t. Some people want to simply diversify their assets across jurisdictions, while others want to internationalize their income streams. Still others go the whole hog and internationalize themselves personally as well.

South American Opportunities: Interview with Uruguay Expat & Entrepreneur Brian Meissner

US Expat Brian Meissner set up a successful hostel in Uruguay straight out of College. How did he do it? And what other opportunities are currently available to Western entrepreneurs? This interview will reveal the answers…

From Chicago to Punta del Este: An Entrepreneur’s Story

We’re here today with Bernard Jarvis, a former US-based animator and entrepreneur who ditched the “American Dream” with his sailboat and laptop for the shores of laid-back Uruguay.

A Conversation with International Man Mark Wallace

Today, we’re talking with Mark Wallace, a serial entrepreneur and investor who lives an international lifestyle with his wife Danielle. He is an American by birth but, in his own words, “a mutt by ethnicity,” who spends time on at least three continents a year and in more than a few countries-always on the lookout for new social, business and lifestyle opportunities.