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Gridlock Is Good—Except In The Jaws Of Massive Public Debts

Our newly-elected gridlocked government will not do anything to improve the fiscal calamity.

Doug Casey on Whether Your Vote Can Prevent a Civil War?

There are at least five reasons many people do not vote.

Doug Casey on What Happens After The Election

Absolutely anything could happen after the November election, no matter who wins.

The War for Dependence

This war would be a War for Dependence.

Doug Casey on the Difference Between a Whistleblower and a Rat

The discourse on the topic of whistleblowers in the media and politics seems degraded…

All It Takes Is a Slipup or a Nudge

The US is the first and only country that’s in a state of perpetual warfare…

Should We “Abolish Billionaires”?

How the simple “Us” vs “Them” narrative serves to divide and conquer otherwise peaceful, cooperative individuals.

Government Shutdown Is the Best-Ever Argument for Privatization

How the government shutdown made the best ever argument for privatization.

Mr. Sociopath Goes to Washington

How do sociopaths survive while living in such defiance of natural law? The answer is that sociopaths write the civil laws. Evil finds its niche in the swamp of Washington politics and bureaucracy.

The Foxes Are in Charge of The Swamp

No situation is so hopeless… so absurd… or so disastrous that the feds can’t make it worse. No policy is too stupid… too counterproductive… or too corrupt that it can’t become the law of the land.

Thoughts on the Institution of Government

In case you have not guessed, I loathe governments. Since the beginning of history, they have been despicable organizations that attract the worst kinds of people — those who obey orders without regard to ethics.

The Need for Information Filtration

In generations past, information was provided by word of mouth, or through reading, either in a book, a letter or a periodical. It was a slow system, but it did have an advantage: information came in one item at a time, and people had an opportunity to chew on the new bit of information for a while and consider whether to accept it or not.

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