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Doug Casey on the “Graveyard of Empires”

Throughout history, many empires have had trouble conquering Afghanistan…

The War for Dependence

This war would be a War for Dependence.

Doug Casey on What the International Ruling Class Have Planned for You

Davos people see the common man as the real problem…

“The Fight Started When He Hit Me Back”

The US takes the award for creating the most proxy wars in other nations.

All It Takes Is a Slipup or a Nudge

The US is the first and only country that’s in a state of perpetual warfare…

Conquering the Earth

The US Empire, like its predecessors throughout history, is about to bite off more than it can chew…

The New American Nightmare

How sociopaths overran the “Land of the Free” and what they’ve got planned for it next.

“Into the Valley of Death”

“Theirs is not to wonder why, theirs is but to do and die.”

Profit from the Threat of Accidental War: Why you should own Defense Stocks

7/17/2018 Are we about to repeat the battle of Jumonville Glen? In 1754, a British militia company under the command of a lieutenant colonel arrived at Jumonville Glen, about 40 miles southeast of Pittsburgh. There the British force of 47 men encountered a French force estimated at 35. The lieutenant colonel was inexperienced. Finding himself […]

Doug Casey on the Space Force

“Anything that can be militarized, will be militarized in today’s world.”

Doug Casey on the Future of War, Part II

“Even nuclear weapons are becoming dinosaurs.”

Doug Casey on the Future of War

War’s evolving in several ways…