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The Best Way to Protect Yourself From Out-of-Control Governments

International diversification frees you from absolute dependence on any one country. Achieve that freedom, and it becomes very difficult for any group of bureaucrats to control you.

Doug Casey Debunks the Common Excuses for Staying In One Country

If you don’t get out now, you’ll regret it.

Where Should I Go?

One of the questions I’m most often asked is, “I’ve decided to get out of my home country before it’s too late. Which countries are the best ones to go to?” Unfortunately, answering this question is akin to answering, “What’s the best place in town for me to have lunch?” The question is too broad […]

Doug Casey on the USA: Fight, or Flight?

An Interview with Doug Casey and Joel Bowman Joel Bowman: When we left off last, I think you and I were talking about burning one’s passport, which seems like a natural enough subject for a couple of anti-statists to address. While we’re on the topic, I can’t help but notice that the number of U.S. […]

“Living” Wherever You Go

If you’re considering diversifying internationally, you might want to rethink your annual vacation…

The Unwelcome Mat

Police in riot gear… domestic terrorism… less freedom “for your own safety.” These nightmares are already playing out in the US. Here’s what comes next…

How to Get a Second Passport

A second passport is your best insurance against any out-of-control government.

Doug Casey’s Top Two Ways to Store Wealth Abroad

When the going gets tough, governments never control themselves… but they do try to control their subjects.

Doug Casey and I Just Left the Most Incredible, Bloody, and Catastrophic Island

Here’s what really happens when an economy totally collapses…

How to Avoid Second Passport Scams and Traps

Most people have health, life, fire, and car insurance. But do you have freedom insurance?

The Future of Passports and Citizenship by Investment

A second passport is the ultimate insurance policy against an out-of-control government. Think of it as your “freedom insurance.”

The Easiest Country to Get Citizenship In

Which country is the easiest to get citizenship in? The answer will depend on individual factors. There is no one-size-fits-all solution.

The U.S. Wants to Seize Your Passport…Here’s What You Can Do About It

Arbitrarily revoking citizenship and passports have always been hallmarks of authoritarianism.

The Top 7 Reasons Why You Need a Second Passport Today

Obtaining a second passport is a fundamental step toward freeing yourself from absolute dependence on any one country. Once you have that freedom, it’s much harder for any government to control your destiny.

Citizenship as a Weapon: Travel Controls and What You Can Do About It

You don’t own your own passport or citizenship… the government does. And they use them as a weapon.

Offshore Jurisdiction Review: Saint Kitts and Nevis

Saint Kitts and Nevis is known for its LLCs, foundations, and most notably for its economic citizenship program.

The Cheapest Second Passport You Can Get Today

When I first heard Doug Casey talk about a World Service Authority passport, I thought it had to be a joke.

The Future of Passports

Why St. Kitts & Nevis and Malta’s economic citizenship programs are just the beginning for second passport options.

How to Obtain Residency, Citizenship, and a Second Passport in Chile

It’s no secret that Chile is attractive for internationalization from many standpoints.

“It’s Like Giving a Thief the Key to Your Home”

Historically capital controls, wealth confiscations, currency devaluations, one-off emergency taxes, bail-ins, nationalization of retirement accounts, and other measures are the norm when a government gets desperate enough. Here’s how you protect yourself.

Offshore Jurisdiction Review: Vanuatu

Vanuatu might have something to offer in terms of offshore company formation, offshore banking, or lifestyle choices for the right people after extremely careful consideration.

The American Expatriation Guide—How to Divorce the US Government

Whether or not you take the ultimate step of renunciation, I believe you will find value from this author’s experiences jumping ship and divorcing the USA.

The American Expatriation Guide—How to Divorce the US Government

Whether or not you take the ultimate step of renunciation, I believe you will find value from this author’s experiences jumping ship and divorcing the USA.

FATCA, GATCA, and the Changing Investment Scene

I recently sat down with the folks over at The Daily Bell for an in-depth conversation. We covered a lot of topics, from the war on drugs to Austrian economics to international diversification.

Hunting for Foreign Real Estate Bargains

This Mediterranean island offers compelling opportunities for those looking to obtain residency and even citizenship in an EU country. For the right people, it’s one of the easiest countries to get citizenship in. The key to it is a real estate purchase. And fortunately, prices are now near bargain levels.

Insuring Yourself Against a Bankrupt Government

Make 2014 the year you finally declare freedom.

Second Passports from the Caribbean

There’s another economic citizenship program emerging—Antigua & Barbuda—a tiny Caribbean island nation.

The Easiest Country to Obtain Residency: Panama

Panama offers one of the easiest ways to obtain permanent residency—with a path to a second passport—available in any country today.

Malta’s Economic Citizenship Flop

Unfortunately the hopes for Malta’s economic citizenship program appear to have ultimately been misplaced.

The Top 6 Reasons Why Everyone Needs a Second Passport

The benefits of a second passport are universal and prudent for anyone in the world to obtain… especially those under a desperate government.

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