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Escaping Serfdom

Benjamin Franklin famously said, “Nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes.”

The Real Reason Behind Janet Yellen’s Global Tax… What You Should Do Now

The US government recognizes that its confiscatory tax policies are driving productive people and companies out…

Rothschild: USA Is the New Switzerland

The U.S. is the biggest tax haven in the world.

The End of Tax Havens?

Governments are in a last-ditch effort to squeeze as much wealth as possible from their citizens. Here’s what to do about it.

The Best Tax Haven for Americans Today

It’s pretty much the only place in the world where Americans can obtain such tax benefits without renouncing their citizenship.

Offshore Jurisdiction Review: Isle of Man

Tucked between the islands of Britain and Ireland in the middle of the Irish Sea, this little island has a lot to offer the international financial sector.

Offshore Jurisdiction Review: The Bahamas

The Bahamas is a true veteran in the offshore financial services sector.

This is How Tax Havens Restrain the Greed of Politicians

Statists thinks low-tax nations should be forced to surrender their sovereignty to help high-tax nations prop up their inefficient welfare states.

The Economic Alamo

The world’s tax havens are the economic Alamo—the last holdout against world economic domination.

In a World of Tax Hells, a New Haven Emerges

Liberland is a new country founded on staunch libertarian and free-market principles.

Offshore Jurisdiction Review: Bermuda

A tax haven with an almost squeaky clean reputation, Bermuda plays a pivotal role in tax planning.

Tax Havens and the Greedy Rich

Will we see an economic reset—a New World Order of sorts—in which the IMF becomes the world’s tax arbiter?

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