Toxic spaces, virtue appropriation, micro signalling… and other such nonsense

By Joel Bowman, Editorial Director, International Man
January 31, 2019

MEDELLÍN, COLOMBIA — Western culture is in the process of overthrowing itself. And, it’s using language as the primary Weapon of Dialectic Destruction (WDD).

Terms that didn’t exist ten… five… even two years ago, are now considered hot button signals for emotional hemophiliacs across the nation.

“Virtue signaling.” “Safe spaces.” “Toxic masculinity.” “Micro aggression.” “Trigger warning.” “Cultural appropriation.”

Barely a week goes by without some allegedly “outrageous” incident flaring up around college campuses… workplace water coolers… mainstream pressrooms.

And anyone who can hold a pen – and plenty who can’t – stand ever at the ready to voice their pre-programmed opinion on the matter, sending even the most asinine “event” into the stratosphere of supposed social significance.

The intensity of emotion conjured up during the modern day equivalent of Orwell’s “2 minutes of hate” is enough to ruin lives.

That “MAGA kid” you saw on the news a couple of weeks ago, photographed in front of an American Indian Native American Indigenous American First Nation Elder?

Yeah… his family received death threats. Death threats!

That’s not some overcharged dysphemism, by the way, a phrase bent out of shape by the progressive Ministry of Truth to make it seem more violent than it really is.

Not. One. Bit.

Psychotic individuals actually called the kid’s house and school and said they would kill his family and friends.

Mobs of undead protestors, whipped into a frenzied mass by a shameless, bloodsucking media, traveled to his hometown in Kentucky to vent their imaginary spleen.

People feared for their lives.

The local school was shut down.

The mayor was called in to action.

Then, amidst the vacuous vociferousness, a 2-hour video emerged showing what actually happened… a video that presented the incident in context… one that didn’t at all support the narrative as it had been presented to a mindless mob by a gutless media.

What happened next, you ask? After the squall of stupidity and hatred and self-righteousness subsided?

A hushed apology? An ounce of shame? A moment of sober, self-reflection?


The zombie horde simply vanished into the deafening silence… where they’re lurking still, ever at the ready to join the next hunt, no questions asked.

If the trend continues, and there’s no reason to think it won’t, they’ll be coming to a town near you. Soon.

Joel Bowman for International Man


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