"I cannot stress strongly enough that anyone who hopes to survive financially needs to internationalize."

Truer words were never spoken.

If everything you have is sitting within the borders of your home country – your job, investments, bank accounts, the house you live in – then you're wedded to the whims of that government.

Whether it's new taxes... regulations that slash your net income and reduce your purchasing power... or restrictions on how you can legally manage your capital... you're stuck.

There's only one way out if you're concerned with wealth preservation – internationalize your assets now.

Diplomatic Immunity for Your Wealth

That's the sole purpose of Internationalizing Your Assets , a video event that will show how to give your hard-earned savings immunity from the shenanigans of your country's politicians.

Make no mistake – they will ramp up their efforts to steal what you've worked so hard for in the face of worsening economic conditions and increasing debt. As a result, governments are virtually certain to impose restrictions on moving wealth abroad—like all governments in similar situations have done throughout history.

Your window to protect yourself is closing

Failure to protect your savings while you still can leaves you exposed to:

  • Rising taxes – With exploding federal deficits, Americans are all but certain to be paying higher income taxes (during World War II, the maximum federal income tax rate hit 91%, and it didn't recede from that level for 18 years)
  • Predatory lawsuits – A heavily indebted government isn't the only threat to wealth locked inside your home country. Anyone with substantial assets is a potential target for the lawsuit industry...
  • Capital controls – What if the government makes it illegal to buy or keep assets outside of the US? This may sound preposterous, but in the 1940s and 1960s, the US imposed restrictions and special taxes on owning foreign investments.
  • Asset forfeiture – government agencies can lock you out of your bank account, your brokerage account, your business – even out of your own home. The bottom line is that your assets can easily be seized under the flimsiest of pretexts.

These are just a few of the dangers you face by leaving everything you own within one political jurisdiction.

This critical investor's briefing features five of the world's top finance and geopolitical experts, who show you how to legally protect your assets abroad:

  • Doug Casey, contrarian investing legend and best-selling author
  • Nick Giambruno, Past Senior Editor of International Man

These experts' insights have been cited in the Wall Street Journal , BloombergBusinessweek , the Washington TimesNewsweek , and many other renowned publications.

In this video, they reveal actionable advice on how to protect your savings from an ever-intrusive government...

  • Low-cost options for international diversification that anyone can implement
  • The best countries to do business in – and why
  • How to safely set up foreign storage for your gold and silver bullion
  • The best ways to move some of your savings abroad without triggering invasive reporting requirements
  • And much more...

It's no secret – the government doesn't want you to move your wealth outside of your home country, and as it gets more desperate it will resort to measures that will make it increasingly difficult for you to do so. That's why it's critical that you take steps to protect yourself now while you still can.

And it all starts by watching   Internationalizing Your Assets .