Rewriting History – It’s Nothing New

I have always found American history interesting, perhaps more colourful than British History. The heroes were always more heroic; the causes more clear. This was particularly true with regard to the period during which the American colonists broke free from Britain. To this day, I consider them thoroughly justified, as they had become a highly productive people who were regarded simply as a cash cow for the Crown.

A Glimpse at Thai Culture

One of the more popular expat spots on the planet is Thailand, even with the dramatic cultural differences between the Thai people and Farang (the Thai term for Westerners). However, one fellow very knowledgeable about the differences is Bill Drake, a former member of the Peace Corps who spent much of his professional life traveling and training Western personnel for big corporations on how to manage living and doing business in foreign lands.

Can You Afford To Eat?

It’s an odd question and for most of our readers, it’s irrelevant. In fact, the opposite is probably true – we have too much to eat and, at least for those in the developed nations, that’s causing an epidemic of cardiovascular diseases, diabetes and cancer. But what if it were different? Most people don’t like to think about it, but what would happen if there was a wholesale interruption in the food distribution system in major cities like New York, Los Angeles or London? What would happen when people realize they can’t feed their families – if even for a few weeks? Riots? Revolution? Sadly, the relative fragility of the system could eventually lead to such a situation. Jeff Thomas explains.

What Will Trigger the Crash?

We hear from those in the know that the economic crisis that began in 2008 is nowhere near finished. In fact, we’re barely even started. The current financial system is collapsing and the crisis is not going to end until the decades-old distortions created by government manipulation of the money supply are wound down.

Dancing the Immigration Tango in Uruguay

As we’ve mentioned before, internationalization can be thought of as a buffet where you take what you want and leave what you don’t. Some people want to simply diversify their assets across jurisdictions, while others want to internationalize their income streams. Still others go the whole hog and internationalize themselves personally as well.

Making Sense Out of the Great Unraveling

IM Correspondent Jeff Thomas takes us through some common sense strategies you can use to avoid what he calls, “The Great Unraveling”, a coming period of volatility that will end with the collapse of much of the First World economies…

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