Beating the Piñata

The process of tax collection can be compared to that of opening a piñata: one beats the thing and with, sufficient effort, gets a stream of goodies to fall out. Yet more effort = more goodies. With enough effort, every piece of coin, candy and food is shaken out – almost always by destroying the piñata in the process.

On the Ground in Colombia (Part 1)

Over the last several months we’ve had the opportunity to meet Mark Svoboda, a Russian-by-birth and current American resident looking for his next “Shangri-La” around the world. So far he has reported on Malaysia, Singapore, and Tanzania. Today Mark heads to South America for his findings on Colombia…

The Burning Barn

Expatriation, both of assets and oneself, is a common thread in many articles and forum posts on the International Man Network and elsewhere. Today, Jeff Thomas talks about the opposite side of the equation – repatriation – returning to one’s original country.

Germany Invades Poland

Is the US taking a cue from Hitler and 1939 Germany in dealing with other nations? If so, what might be the outcome of such tactics? Jeff Thomas examines and compares Hitler’s Germany and present-day USA.

Law and the International Businessman

In this increasingly international world, many businesses are going global for new growth. Here to help guide us through the “legal minefields” of such a move is US-based consultant and foreign business expert Ed Marsh.

“Culture Games”

Have you ever thought about how terribly thin the line is between playing and fighting, between games and conflicts, between sports and battles? This blurry area was in part what inspired author Suzanne Collins to write The Hunger Games. In case you haven’t heard of it, the book has been adapted to film and is now showing at a theatre near you. The story raises the question, is this art imitating life, or life imitating art?

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