Can We Expect the European Union to End Soon?

It’s no secret that the European Union is on the skids – every day new twists in the sovereign debt crisis dominate the headlines. But if the EU does break up, what will rise in its place? Jeff Thomas explores and weighs the possibilities.

Selecting Your First Overseas Market

If you’ve followed IM as of late, you may be familiar with Ed Marsh, an expert of the IM Triangle’s Income Element – specifically – how to diversify one’s business income internationally. Expanding business overseas can appear very exciting, but there are often pitfalls along the way that can impact even the best laid plans. In today’s piece, Ed shares his insights about picking your first international markets for expansion.

5 Need-to-Know Questions before You Choose an International Broker

Most people are truly unaware of the opportunities that lie outside their borders. The opportunities to grow both personally and professionally, but also from a strictly dollars and cents point of view. But before you can profit, you need access. That’s where a good international broker comes into play.

The American Berlin Wall in Cuba

Due to the US embargo, most of what Americans know about Cuba comes from their mainstream national media – not exactly the most impartial source. Yet there is much to learn, and in today’s feature, Jeff Thomas attempts to enlighten us.

Who is Ann Barnhardt?

The criminal finance system that is in place around the world has just lost another participant and, if enough bricks are removed, the wall may come down completely and we will all be able to see the true nature of the beast within. Ann Barnhardt of Barnhardt Capital Management, wrote the following points as part of an open letter to friends, clients and industry colleagues when she closed operations at her firm on November 17, primarily due to realizations made as a result of the MF Global collapse.

Create a “Live Anywhere” Lifestyle Business – Part 2

As an important part of the Internationalization – income diversification in this manner is something almost anyone can do.

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