Would You Believe This Country’s Banks Have the Highest Cash Reserve Ratios in the World?

Despite its problems, Lebanon has a rather dynamic and resilient financial system.

When Price Controls Reach Your Dining Table

Since the philosophy of collectivism is the root of most of the destructive policies in the US, and the West in general, it is important to understand its many pernicious implications. It is unfortunately a pervasive and growing force.

Chile to Join US Visa Waiver Program

It is no secret that Chile is attractive for internationalization from many standpoints. And in one area in particular, it appears to be set to become even more attractive: obtaining a second passport.

On the Ground in Cyprus with Doug Casey

I’m on the ground in Cyprus on a mission with the original International Man himself, Doug Casey.

Will the Federal Reserve Taper Off on QE?

A fundamental economic recovery has not taken place in the 5 years since the 2008 crash. The Fed has been successful however, through the use propaganda and monetary trickery, to create the hollow appearance of one.

How to Safely Internationalize your Domain Name

In the same manner in which you can offshore your business incorporation or your financial accounts, you can also internationalize your domain names. And it’s easy.

How to Not Get Screwed with Your Cell Phone Abroad

It’s no secret that cell phone service providers seek to nickel and dime you for anything they can get away with when someone takes their cell phone abroad.

Solving the Detroit Crisis

One possibility is that the financial problems of Detroit and other bankrupt US cities will be advantageously transformed by politicians into social issues, rather than economic ones. And as a result, the US federal government could institute a sort of “No City Left Behind” bailout policy.

Offshore Jurisdiction Review: Andorra

Andorra is a popular offshore jurisdiction for banking and possibly expatriation due to its location and the low taxes.

Latvia: a Luxembourg for the Poor

Latvia is set to transform itself into an offshore jurisdiction due to favorable developments.

The Gold Roller Coaster

As you know, gold has been taking a thrashing despite an unchanged long-term story and fundamentals. Jeff presents this excellent analysis of what gold has been through and what we should expect going forward.

Internationalizing in Chile

In addition to being probably the easiest country in the world to start a business, Chile is an excellent location to consider for various aspects of internationalization.

Americans Are on a Tight Leash

By Nick Giambruno – It is far better to deal with the burdens associated with internationalization than to leave your savings, your income, and yourself in range of a desperate government’s wrecking ball.

Expatriate to Protect Your Retirement from Inflation

The present economy has resulted in retirement income being far lower than was anticipated, making many Americans realize that they can no longer afford to retire – or at least not in the US.

Offshore Banking in Scandinavia

The top reasons to bank in Scandinavia are its financial stability and independence. With neither Denmark, Norway, nor Sweden being tied to USD or EUR or having much exposure to problematic Eurozone countries.

What Real Independence Looks Like

Declare your own personal independence by diversifying your political risk to ensure that you are not under the total control of any particular government.

Confiscation by the Installment Plan

At some point, confiscation of deposits by banks may well become a generally accepted concept. The point to remember is that such developments never begin with a bang. They are always introduced in a small and gradual way and then expanded, just as income tax was in the US.

What Currency Controls Mean for You

For every door that closes, another opens. As the First World slides further into depression, we can expect that many smaller countries will provide expanding opportunities.

Chile is on the Cusp

Thanks in part to a strong currency, respect for private property, and an increasingly attractive social scene, Chile really is beginning to make a name for itself and is becoming one of the premier “safe havens” in the Western Hemisphere.

Last Chance to Exit Fiat Currency

We stand to soon lose our savings through either confiscation, inflation, or both.

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