Chile’s Strengths and Weaknesses

Since the land of the free and home of the brave isn’t looking so free or brave these days, a lot of rational, educated, and inspired people have been deciding to look for greener pastures abroad and parts of Latin America and Asia seem to the preferred locales. In Latin America, Panama, Ecuador, Uruguay, and Chile have been attracting the most attention.

Ben Bernanke – Revisiting The Helicopter Speech

Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke famously gave a speech in 2002 suggesting that if there is deflation, it may be cured simply by dumping new currency from helicopters. The comment was so unnerving that much of the rest of the speech failed to generate much discussion, yet, in it, Mr. Bernanke revealed other points from his philosophy on dealing with deflation that most certainly deserved review.

Africa: Real Diversification – Looking Beyond The Reflexive

From the perspective of an American company, what markets provide particularly compelling opportunities today?

The HSBC Debacle – A Double Whammy Of Political Risk And Hypocrisy

The HSBC debacle provides another striking example of the political risk and double standards that exist within US jurisdiction. HSBC execs got off with no criminal charges for the victimless “crimes” of money-laundering and doing business with countries the US doesn’t like. “Crimes” that likely would have landed anyone else in prison for decades. 

1929 Revisited

If we have a brief look back at the Great Depression, what essentially led up to it, then triggered it, we may see some similarities to our present situation. If we then observe how the world’s governments dealt with the situation, we may possibly gain some insight as to what they will do this time and, more importantly, what the outcome may be this time.

Update from Uruguay – Argentina’s Economic Situation, A Problem Or Opportunity?

In this article we’ll take a quick look at the current economic landscape in Argentina and see why business and property owners in Uruguay are nervous, while investors with cash wait to see what opportunities will arise from Argentina’s next decennial default.

Where You Register Your Domain Name May Land You In Jail

A 23-year old university student who lives in the United Kingdom who has never been to the US and runs a website with servers based in Sweden is facing extradition to the US for copyright infringement. How in the world could the United States government make a case against him, and enforce its laws against a foreign citizen like this? Because he used a .com domain name.

The “Kill Switch” On Your Bank Account

A couple of items in the news last week provided illustrations of political risk – i.e. the ability of governments to seize assets within their jurisdiction at the flip of a switch. It is the risk that you take by locating anything of value within any single jurisdiction, whether it’s your business, your savings, or yourself.

Preview of Coming Attractions

As we all observe the Great Unraveling, the slow slide into the second half of the storm that some of us regard as the Greater Depression, an increasing number of people, particularly in Europe and the US, are asking how this will all play out. How will I know when it is time to get out?

The Best Areas of Chile

While it’s difficult to say which area of Chile is the best, it’s hard to deny that buying property in the regions just south of Santiago makes the most sense, either for a return on investment or for a place that you might want to someday call home.

A Pure Play on a Russian Utility

Since the 2007 credit crisis, August has been a cruel month for Russian equities, delivering significant losses every year except 2009. This year, however, Russian stocks have slightly beaten the Emerging Markets (EM) in August, and extended their out performance into the first half of September as well.

Americans Banned From Using Popular Website Intrade

Nobody paying attention should have been surprised last week when the US government effectively shut down for US citizens Intrade, the popular website that lets users bet on the outcome of future real-world events. This illustrates yet another example of the need for Americans to internationally diversify, and the increasingly smaller world for them.

The Lifespan of a Country

Why democracies are doomed to die.

Spain To Offer Permanent Residency To Foreign Real Estate Investors

As European governments become more desperate to find ways to attract wealth and investment to their nations – having squeezed their own citizenry dry (and illustrating exactly why those born into any seemingly prosperous nation should still diversify internationally, as when things turn bad they often do so quickly) – they are increasingly opening the doors to foreigners with a little extra cash.

Making Sure War Occurs

The President of the United States has arguably greater power than any other person on earth. This power which can be wielded for good or for ill, and as history has repeatedly shown, by making a statement, whether true or not, the President can sway the population toward certain desired goals. Jeff Thomas gives evidence of this from the past and begs the question about future possibilities.

Old Bottles

Can Keynes’ followers recognize the fundamental truth of another insightful culture commentator’s observation?

Equality – The Great Socialist Ideal

A basic assumption, by all socialists, is that equality can only be achieved through force. To anyone of a libertarian bent, who may well favour equality as a general concept, the term “forced equality” raises the hackles, as it flies in the face of the very spirit of equality – that of voluntary acceptance of the other person as an equal.

One Chart Explains Why Government Debt Is Dragging on the Economy

A concise explanation of why government debt is double-plus ungood for a country’s economy.

The Singapore Solution

I’ll bet few Americans knew that Eduard Saverin, the young Brazilian billionaire and co-founder of Facebook, lived in Singapore — until this past May, when news spread that he had given up his U.S. passport to become a citizen of the Asian citystate. 

Election Time

Generally, I tend not to comment on elections, as I consider them to be largely unimportant. That is, regardless of which candidate is elected, the actual outcome tends to be much the same. In most countries, the higher the office being contested, the less real difference there is between the candidates.

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