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Creating a Better World, One Couch at a Time…

For all those who want to explore the world on a severely limited budget… There is a relatively new way to visit a country and get to know the culture through immersion – without having to spend money. It allows you to see more of a country than most tourists ever dream possible. It’s called “couchsurfing,” and correspondent Mark Svoboda is here to tell us more about it…


A democracy seems a fair way for a group to come to a decision, but can there be times when the majority-rule is less than fair? Jeff Thomas offers his thought-provoking take on the subject…

Thoughts on Singapore

Singapore is widely considered a desirable expatriate location, but why? As the discussions on the IM Forum clearly show, there is great diversity among individuals regarding where they want to live and why. We can research the facts and figures of any given location to learn about its tangible features. But what about the intangibles – our awareness of a place and how it makes us feel? To research the intangibles, we rely on personal opinions and today we share those of Marwood Dent, a first-time contributor and resident of Singapore.

The Real Price of “Free” Online Services

In today’s ever-more “connected” and online world, people have flocked to “free” services such as Facebook, Twitter and the like. But at what cost? Kyle Gonzales explores the issue and reveals some startling facts about what really happens to your online data…

Framers of the American Constitution

The US Constitution is widely touted as one of the, if not the, greatest primary governing document the world has ever known. Enforcement of the Constitution’s ideals has fallen under hard times lately, but some want to refocus on them again. In this article, the always insightful Jeff Thomas reviews the background of the creation of the US Constitution and of those who were its authors.

On the Ground in Tanzania: Zanzibar

If you’re new to International Man, then allow me the pleasure of introducing you to Mark Svoboda, a Russian-born expat currently living in the US but planning to leave for a new destination sometime in 2012. As he travels the globe looking for his own Shangri-la, he takes us along – allowing us to share in his discoveries and informal opportunity spotting.

Your Online Privacy Plan

It wouldn’t be a stretch to say that privacy, at least in much of the Western world, is pretty much dead. Every day seems to bring a new assault on this most basic of human rights – whether it be to do business and hold bank accounts in another country without government influence, to travel from one place to another without in-depth tracking or simply to surf the Internet without government, business, and/or criminals keeping tabs on everything we do.

By Their Fruits Ye Shall Know Them

With so many economic problems in the world, why is so much attention being paid to the Greek woes? Is there more to the Greek debt problem than is apparent on the surface? Jeff Thomas considers various possibilities and why we should pay attention.

Touching Down in Kilimanjaro

Last week we featured part 1 of native-Russian Mark Svoboda’s recent trip to Tanzania as he looks around for his next Shangri-la. We discovered that, in addition to its friendly people and their celebrity-like acceptance of foreigners, the Sub-Saharan African country seems poised for a big economic boom. Today Mark continues with his “on the ground” notes as he touches down in Kilimanjaro…

Breaking Down the Language Barrier

Relocating to a foreign country may entail myriad challenges. Sometimes, one of the biggest barriers is language. Because many people around the world speak English (and business is often conducted in English), learning to speak a foreign language may seem unnecessary or irrelevant. Any excuse to avoid the struggle of memorizing irregular verbs will do. If, however, you want to be a participant and not just an observer of life in your new home and if it is important to you to feel at ease among the citizens of your adopted country, then it is essential that you be able to communicate with them in their language.

How to Avoid Diversification Disappointment

There are many things to consider when one decides to internationalize. There will be some give-and-take, and we probably won’t find everything that we want in any one location. However, with some forethought and imagination, we can find a place that will suit us fairly well. Jeff Thomas discusses a few of these considerations and how to avoid being disappointed.

On the Ground in Tanzania

Over the past few months we’ve followed the journey of Mark Svoboda, a Russian-turned US expat, as he travels the world to find his own Shangri-la. Today Mark tells us about his recent trip to the African nation of Tanzania.

Keeping the EU Gold in the US

While using gold as collateral for a loan might be uncommon, it is certainly not impossible… especially when it comes from governments who basically consider the yellow metal a relic of more barbaric times. Well, in the strange world we live in, this might not be so far off the mark, as Jeff Thomas explains.

How to Use the Internet in “Stealth Mode”

Thanks to advances in technology, there are now virtually no obstacles holding governments back from monitoring your every move. Kyle Gonzales comments on this chilling development, as well as what you can do to protect yourself.

Hoping for a Sane and Sensible Mania

As the second half of the Greater Depression seems set to begin, fear will dominate the hearts and minds of many. Still, there are ways to endure through the hard times, and indeed, to even improve one’s financial situation. Jeff Thomas considers that age old investment that now makes sense more than ever.

The Best Jurisdictions for Canadians

We get a lot of questions but by far, one of the most common goes something like this: “What is the best overseas jurisdiction for me?” Of course, the answer will depend on a variety of factors – not least of which includes your citizenship and residency, as well as your goals and your personal preferences. Today, Toronto-based tax planning expert, Greg McNally, is here to guide us through some of the options available, specifically tailored to our Canadian readers.

“What if I have no assets to move overseas?”

Recently, a reader posted the following comment at the end of one of our articles: What if you’re not a person with hundreds of thousands of dollars to set up international accounts and businesses in other countries that might be able to withstand the financial meltdown/turmoil of USA? I mean for example if you’re a recent college graduate with only a few dollars in your bank account, is it too late for such a person to get out of dodge?

Internet Resources for the International Man

Clearly, the World Wide Web has changed the way we live, and may be considered a blessing and a curse. The blessing is the instant access to immeasurable amounts of information on every imaginable subject at our fingertips. It’s mind-boggling. The curse is (among other things) not always being able to access that information, for a variety of reasons. No doubt we’ve all experienced the exasperation of not finding what we seek online, frustrated after hours of searching. One must know what questions to ask and where to look.

Living the PT Life with Kids in Tow

If you dream of living the PT [permanent traveller] lifestyle but have children and are concerned that it will be too difficult to move around with kids in tow, not to worry. I personally know a number of people who have done and continue to do it successfully.

Be Careful What You Wish For

At least when it comes to the media, Ron Paul has it rough. They started out by ignoring him but have now moved onto denigration and defamation of character. But how far will it all go? Jeff Thomas considers the possibilities, however extreme some may be…

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