Africa migration

The Biggest Migration Since the Barbarian Invasions of Rome

It’s supposed to be official Chinese policy to migrate about 300 million Chinese to Africa in the years to come.

Sophisticated traveler

Who Is the Most Sophisticated Traveler?

The majority of travelers I have met see foreign lands entirely through the filter glasses of their home front.


When Idiocy Becomes Hardwired

At this point, virtually all of us over the age of forty have encountered enough “snowflakes” (those Millennials who have a meltdown if anything they say or believe is challenged) to understand that, increasingly, young people are being systemically coddled to the point that they cannot cope with their “reality” being questioned.

save, invest

Save, Invest, Speculate, Trade or Gamble?

For some time, I’ve been saying that the economy is in the “eye of the storm” and that when it emerged, the weather would be far rougher than in 2008.

digital diversification

How to Declare Your Digital Independence from Government and Big Tech

An often-overlooked ingredient of international diversification is spreading your digital presence across multiple friendly jurisdictions.


Will They Take All Your Money?

Most people assume that, if they have money on deposit in a bank, they own that money. That’s not necessarily the case.

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