Learn How to Become a Digital Nomad

If you’re unhappy with your life in the U.S. or just sick of paying high taxes and being subject to insane regulations, becoming a digital nomad may be the solution you’ve been looking for. Leave your unfulfilling job (and life) behind and start exploring the world. Live in some of the most beautiful and exciting places on Earth – many of which also happen to have the lowest cost of living.

If you’re ready to discover how to be a digital nomad, here’s a quick look at what it will take.

How to Become a Digital Nomad

1. Find a Source of Income

Unless you have substantial savings or fruitful investments, you will likely need to find a way to sustain yourself abroad. Use your current skillset to find relevant freelance work online.

2. Lose Your Debt

Pay off as much of your debt as possible before you leave. It’s more complicated to pay debt when living abroad — plus, it means that a percentage of your earnings will always need to go toward debt payments.

3. Acquire an Unlocked Phone

Equip yourself with a phone that will work with any SIM card. If you didn’t purchase your phone specifically to work with any carrier (for travel reasons), you will likely need to switch to a different phone.

4. Sell Your Home and Possessions

Motivate yourself to follow your dream of becoming a digital nomad by leaving nothing behind. Really breaking free means selling your home and the possessions that go with it, but if you’re not prepared to commit yourself completely, at the very least rent your home and hire a property manager to handle everything for you. You can put some of your belongings in a storage unit if you prefer not to leave them in the house.

Not everyone will be prepared to leave behind their worldly possessions and salaries, but the digital nomad lifestyle presents an exciting opportunity for those who wish to travel the world and improve their personal freedom.