Foreign Travel Advice & Checklist

Whether it’s your first time leaving the country or you’re heading off to somewhere outside your comfort zone, it’s essential to be prepared. Every destination presents some risks, but heeding foreign travel advice and taking steps to get prepared will help ensure a positive experience.

International Travel Checklist

1. Travel Insurance

Travel insurance will protect you in almost any eventuality, including injury, lost or damaged luggage, or a stolen passport.

2. Cabin Bag

Pack the most important items in your carry-on luggage — there’s always the risk of losing your luggage or that something could be stolen from your checked bag.

3. Language App or Phrasebook

Familiarize yourself with the basic phrases you will need to get around. Depending where you go, it’s very possible that you could find yourself in a situation where no one speaks English.

Travel Safety Tips

  • Research the destination. Find out about dangers and common scams to make yourself aware of the risks.
  • Make copies of your documents. If your passport is lost or stolen, a copy can help you get it replaced more quickly.
  • Inform your credit card company of your trip. Your credit card company needs to know that you’re traveling. Otherwise, you may find that payments are blocked due to a suspicion of fraud.
  • Give someone else your itinerary. Make sure that a trusted friend or family member knows where you will be throughout your trip. If this person is unable to contact you and needs to alert the authorities, knowing where you were meant to be and when can be helpful.
  • Be careful with public WiFi. Never use open Internet networks to access sensitive information — this makes you susceptible to a data breach.

Be sure to check out the articles at International Man on the latest news and advice for foreign travel. With the right preparation, no location is out of your reach.