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The Value in Being of Little Consequence

In recent times, we’ve witnessed great turmoil in the Middle East. Countries such as Iran, Iraq, Libya, etc. would seem, on the surface, to be relatively valueless deserts yet, for a hundred years, other countries have squabbled over them. And, of course, we know that the reason is oil – a highly profitable commodity that’s […]

Doug Casey on the USA: Fight, or Flight?

An Interview with Doug Casey and Joel Bowman Joel Bowman: When we left off last, I think you and I were talking about burning one’s passport, which seems like a natural enough subject for a couple of anti-statists to address. While we’re on the topic, I can’t help but notice that the number of U.S. […]

Was Bitcoin Manipulated?

At first blush, Wall Street Journal technology writer Andy Kessler makes a compelling case for why bitcoin’s 2017 meteoric 1,368% rise was not “real.” In an article published on Sunday, July 1, Kessler cites a University of Texas study that argues manipulation was behind half of bitcoin’s 2017 move upwards. The study pins the blame […]

Get Ready For The Third “Oil Shock”

Big Middle East wars are often catastrophic for global oil supplies. This makes sense. The Middle East accounts for more than 40% of global oil exports. So, a big conflict in the Middle East often triggers a big spike in the price of oil. Take the 1973 “oil shock,” for example. Oil prices suddenly spiked… […]

Signs of the Times from the Lone Star State

Signs of the Times from the Lone Star State Houston, Texas: “Suffered an injury while on the job?” “We buy ugly homes!” “Who’s the father? 1-800-DNA-TYPE” The billboards flew by our open window as we drove in from George Bush Intercontinental airport. Signs of the times, dear reader. Your editor arrived in H-town, as the […]

The Coming of the Roman Tax Collectors

The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire has been written about many times over the last two millennia, most notably in Edward Gibbon’s six-volume set of books of the same name. However, one significant aspect to the decline began in the fourth century that has received little attention from those who have written on […]

Doug Casey’s Pilgrim’s Progress

Drug wars… would-be “illegals”… “rapists and murderers…” Sheesh! Who in their right mind would want to live south of the Rio Grande, down ol’ Mexico way? You read the papers. You watch the news. All you see is violence and vengeance, corruption and chaos, poverty and pollution. And yet…not twenty feet from where we sit…

Anarchy in South America

It’s Bread & Circus season here in Mexico. That means World Cup football (soccer) and presidential elections … just the things to distract the general population from all that really matters in this life.

Police State in Slo-Mo

We’re witnessing a loss of freedom in slo-mo… and the end product is always the same.

Doug Casey on the Space Force

“Anything that can be militarized, will be militarized in today’s world.”

Bitcoin Is the New “Crisis Currency”

When two federal agents showed up to harass suspected arms trafficker Phil Zimmerman, Phil was out of his element. He wasn’t your usual gun runner. He wasn’t linked to any cartels, spies, or other shady characters. But he had written a bit of computer code that the US government considered a weapon. In the early […]

The Cycle of Freedom

There is a freedom cycle, and it has to play itself out.

Doug Casey on Why He Lives in Uruguay

If you can afford it, you want to have comfortable digs in several places around the world.

Ike Was Right!

“No president, no matter how good his intentions, can stop it.”


“Most of us tend not to regard taxation as theft, yet, that’s exactly what it is.”

Visit This Place While You Still Can

“Traveling to Cuba is actually not against the law.”

The New “Crisis Currency”

“Bitcoin has many of the same attributes that makes gold a crisis currency.”

Inflation: Your Role as a Milk Cow

“By understanding inflation, the odds of living your life as a milk cow can be greatly diminished.”

Doug Casey on the Crisis in Argentina

“No government should be in the money business… especially Argentina, which has about the worst track record of any government.”

These Amps Go Up to Eleven

“When the brokers and television pundits say that stocks are headed to the moon—that’s the moment to remember ‘there’s no eleven,’ and sell.”

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