How Close Should Your Wealth Be?

Is the investor better off keeping his metals as close to home as possible or as far away as possible?

Not Just a Trade War, But a Shooting War With China

Today, China is on par with the United States. But, if this trend continues – which it will – their economy will be triple the size of the US economy in 20 years.

The Real Reason Why Police Arrested This Grandmother for Bogus “Hashish” Charges…

You may remember the first time I put cannabis investing on your radar two years ago.

Defining Liberty

The level of governmental dominance now exists to such a degree that literally everyone is a criminal, whether they know it or not.

Slightly Up From Slavery

To eliminate misunderstanding as to what taxes are, it is helpful to define the word “theft.”

The Next Crypto Bull Market Is Coming… Here’s How to Profit

Thanks to constant interruptions by smartphones and multitasking, our attention spans are getting shorter all the time.

The First Libertarian?

It would seem that little has changed in 2500 years. The drive by some individuals to control others is clearly a permanent condition in every era. The only remaining question is how to deal with it.

Decline and Fall of the American Empire – Part II

Social, intellectual and demographic trends contributing to the decline and fall of modern America.

The Decline and Fall of the American Empire

Parallels with Ancient Rome are plentiful and instructive for anyone who cares to learn from history.

Happy International Non-Workers’ Day!

It’s hard to take a day off to celebrate “workers’ rights” when you’re living hand to mouth…

Raising the Tattered Crash Flag

Did this news headline just mark the top for U.S. equities?

The Frontlines in the War on Cash

What Big Brother is doing to clamp down on your ability to save and transact in ol’ fashioned cash.

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