sociopaths in government

Shining a Light on the Sociopaths in Politics

There are two ways people can relate to each other: Voluntarily or coercively. The government is pure coercion, and sociopaths are drawn to its power and force.

Rise of China

Dinner in Hanoi

Those countries that have the most cost-effective production will always dominate world trade. In recent decades, China has been on a roll, becoming the largest trading nation in the world.

Economic Collapse

A Question of Timing

Countries that had been wonderful to live in, begin to deteriorate from within, and the great majority of residents fail to see the warning signs…

us empire

David Stockman on How the US Went from America First to Empire First

The foreign policy of the US went from being America First to Empire First. That has then led to the case for a military budget this year of $750 billion…

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