global financial collapse

David Stockman on an Unprecedented Collapse of the Global Financial System

The 2000 dot-come excess or the 2004-2008 subprime housing credit excess is minor league compared to this…

escape key

Pressing the Escape Key

The “Escape” key works only if it has been programmed in advance.

compliance regulation

Doug Casey on Diversity Officers, Compliance Officers, and Other Supernumeraries

It seems the compliance industry was created not by satisfying a demand in the marketplace, but rather by satisfying some rule a politician made arbitrarily.

Benin Africa

Ganbei in Benin

To others, “Africa” is a guided safari in Botswana or Kenya to see the animals. Nice, but that’s the sanitized Disneyland version of the real Africa…

US empire - Conquering

Conquering the Earth

The US Empire, like its predecessors throughout history, is about to bite off more than it can chew…

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