Libertarian New Hampshire

New Hampshire: Does This Freedom-Loving State Have a Chance?

Whether it’s Democrats or Republicans in control of the US government, the dominant trend in the US points in the same direction: one of greater government control, increased spending, and military interventions around the world.

socialist democrats

Why Irrational Socialist Schemes Must be Implemented

Traditionally, the Democratic Party in the US has placed its primary focus on the protection of the middle class. But, in recent years, it has taken a sharp turn toward racial identity politics, gender issues, and redistribution of wealth along socialist lines.

crypto market

Doug Casey on the New Crypto Bull Market… And What He’s Doing to Profit

Cryptos have great utility in many areas besides use as money. Right now only about 25 million out of the 7 billion people in the world currently use them. They’re going to get much bigger in the developed world, but even bigger in the Third World.

crypto bull market

The Next Crypto Bull Market Is Here… Here’s How Doug Casey Picks the Big Winners

We’ve seen a cycle of parabolic gains and then 80% crashes numerous times in crypto’s short history. What does this volatility mean for speculators?

economic bubble stocks bonds

The Economic Bubble Bath

Economic bubbles are normal. They’re created by the lack of forethought that’s common to human nature. But the present bubble bath is an anomaly without precedent and, as such, promises to result in a crash of unprecedented proportions.

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