Venezuela: Another Successful State?

How the Venezuelan government succeeded in killing its host.

Hobson’s Choice

How you are free to choose… any of the two options presented to you.

The New American Nightmare

How sociopaths overran the “Land of the Free” and what they’ve got planned for it next.

Should We “Abolish Billionaires”?

How the simple “Us” vs “Them” narrative serves to divide and conquer otherwise peaceful, cooperative individuals.

Government Shutdown Is the Best-Ever Argument for Privatization

How the government shutdown made the best ever argument for privatization.

Mr. Sociopath Goes to Washington

How do sociopaths survive while living in such defiance of natural law? The answer is that sociopaths write the civil laws. Evil finds its niche in the swamp of Washington politics and bureaucracy.

“Into the Valley of Death”

“Theirs is not to wonder why, theirs is but to do and die.”

Doug Casey’s REAL State of the Union – The 4th Amendment

How secure are you in your person, house, papers and effects? The 4th Amendment is on the table in today’s REAL State of the Union.

Doug Casey and Rick Rule on South Africa and Platinum, Part II

Mining, politics, speculation and the future of the continent are on the table as subjects for today’s discussion.

Doug Casey and Rick Rule on South Africa and Platinum

Legendary speculators offer their take on the backdrop – fundamental and political – for “little silver.”

Homo Credulus

Is there any idea so patently absurd that man will not go to his grave in its defense?

Runaway Slaves

How governments presume ownership over the fruits of your labor, and the lengths they’ll go to to ensure you don’t escape their cornfield.

Doug Casey on Toxic Masculinity and White Privilege

Has the progressive Political Correctness regime finally gone to far? And what does it mean for culture and civilization at large?

How to Defend Yourself from Ugly Stereotypes

We’ve put together some tools to help you with the uncomfortable situations that arise when people judge you for variables outside of your control.

Citizenship as a Weapon: Travel Controls and What You Can Do About It

Are you in danger of facing travel controls? What if your government suddenly revoked your passport? And what can you do about it?

Denial and Defensiveness: The First Tools of the Statist.

The personality failures required of a statist: they lie to themselves.

The French Revolution (The Sequel)

What happens to “Liberty, Equality & Fraternity” when the guillotines begin their gruesome work?

Crossing Borders with Gold and Silver Coins

Are governments clamping down on your right to travel with gold and silver coins?

The 2018 Year in Gold Recap, and What It Might Forecast for 2019, Part II

Is the Midas Metal poised for a breakout as global debt levels soar and demand heats up?

The 2018 Year in Gold Recap, and What It Might Forecast for 2019

How the Midas Metal performed in 2018 and what lies ahead for the New Year.

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