10 Keys to Success in Germany

In the business world, Germany is known as a powerhouse manufacturer of high-quality, higher-end goods – particularly in the Business-to-Business markets. The key to this success is exceptional efficiency and productivity – two critical keys to success in a developed country that needs to pay developed-country wages to their workers. However, that’s only the stereotype and in today’s feature, Bill Drake attempts to drill down deeper into the classic German business and management mentality

Can the Financial Crash in the US be Avoided?

As a general rule, I don’t pay much attention to the talking heads on the news networks nor the politicians who argue with each other about who can better butter-up the voters – if I want to see chimpanzees screaming at each other, I can go to the zoo. However, there is occasionally a time when they are of some use… and that is when you need to get a sense of what the general population spends their time thinking about. Nowadays, that seems to be some generalized sense of worry followed by a “we need those guys in government to do something about it”.

Why Does Hollywood Want to Kill Your Business?

For those that have followed IM for a while, you’ll likely have noticed two common themes driving the quest for internationalization. The first is opportunity. It’s no secret that many parts of the developed world have entered into a severe decline.

The Danger of Paper Gold

To say that holding some gold or silver in physical form is a good idea would be somewhat of an understatement. Most of our readers will appreciate that the metals were used as money long before abstract fiat currencies took that place. And, it’s increasingly likely that at some point in the relatively near future, gold and silver may take their rightful place once more as everyday instruments of trade rather than simply a speculation.

Top 10 Lessons from a Grizzled PT

It’s a step most people won’t take, but for the right individual the life of a permanent traveller (or “PT” for short) can be one of excitement, richness and variety. Ian Oliver is one such person. Currently based in Eastern Europe, he picked up stakes some time ago to live life as a citizen of the world. Perhaps this is something for you as well. Or perhaps not. Either way, useful lessons follow that are relevant to our ongoing internationalization conversation – straight from the grizzled horse’s mouth.

Not Just Gin and Tonics: Why Being An Expat Wife Is Harder Than You Think

While the name “International Man” may be gender specific, the stories and suggestions we offer are certainly not intended to be. There are a number of readers that fit in the “International Woman” column and today’s featured article is just for them. In the piece, expat writer Erica Knecht speaks to us on a very personal level about finding these new roles through her experiences living overseas as an “expat wife”. A Canadian now living in Japan, she has also lived in China and India, following her husband as he moved around from job to job – through the good, the bad, the highs and the lows.

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