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Get Ready For The Third “Oil Shock”

Big Middle East wars are often catastrophic for global oil supplies. This makes sense. The Middle East accounts for more than 40% of global oil exports. So, a big conflict in the Middle East often triggers a big spike in the price of oil. Take the 1973 “oil shock,” for example. Oil prices suddenly spiked… […]

This Beaten-Down Commodity Could Triple From Here

“It’s probably the most volatile and cyclical of any market I know… which is why it’s among my favorites.”

Gold Will Soar… As China Kneecaps the Dollar

China is about to launch a new alternative financial system—here’s how it could mortally wound the US dollar.

The Cardinal Sin of International Finance

One day soon, Americans will wake up to a new reality…

The Secret Reason Trump Is So Cozy With Saudi Arabia

This is why the Saudis get special treatment from the US Deep State…

Donald Trump, Saudi Arabia, and the Petrodollar

This is just one of the ways President Trump will hasten the death of the petrodollar…

Trump Left Saudi Arabia Off His Immigration Ban… Here’s the Shocking Reason Why

It’s the reason why the media and political elite give the Saudis special treatment…

The #1 Black Swan Event of 2017

Here’s how Donald Trump will trigger 2017’s biggest shock…

These Crisis Markets Are Primed to Deliver Big Gains

These markets have gotten crushed…but now is the time to get in…

The Coming Collapse of Saudi Arabia

If the Saudis don’t stop flooding the market, they won’t be shooting themselves in the foot…but in the head.

Ron Paul Says to Watch the Petrodollar

By considering Ron Paul’s words on the petrodollar, we will know when the dollar collapse is imminent.

The Real Reason for the Refugee Crisis You Won’t Hear About in the Media

A perfect way to distract people from the sputtering economy and shrinking civil liberties.